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GPS_Reader waypoint problems [3]
John, Could you zip up the test_gps.nmea file and post it here? We can then use that to test for th...
5 years 9 1509
Red background white circle tracking [2]
Can you post a couple images or perhaps a video? Also if you can include your current robofile that...
5 years 9 3297
Red background white circle tracking [4]
Image? STeven....
5 years 9 3297
Reconnect to camera when lost connection? [2]
What camera/connection are you using? A webcam? Internet cam? GigE cam? STeven. ...
1 year 9 604
Red background white circle tracking [9]
You may also want to take a couple shots from the side. The frontal view will probably work fine with one configuration that wil...
5 years 9 3297
traffic light detection [3]
David, Attached is the updated robofile. The RGB filter module also needed an update.
3 years 9 1600
Speed Trap Application [4]
Steve, There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest is just to crop the image into that area you...
4 years 9 1341
traffic light detection [5]
David, If you review the blob filter documentation at ...
3 years 9 1600
watch variables [8]
Max, I'm going to guess here but you probably don't realize that white is being tracked versus blac...
4 years 9 1358
GPS_Reader waypoint problems [9]
John, Sorry about that, I got ahead of myself a little. I posted before the update had made it up t...
5 years 9 1509
Red background white circle tracking [8]
Can you untoggle the Run button, click Save and type something.jpg and then upload that image? Its ...
5 years 9 3297
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard [6]
Shawn & Billy, Can you download the latest version. We made some updates and have added a minFPS pa...
5 years 8 3526
AX-12a ball picker [5]
That's a very good start. Now you can look at the API and download the examples which include one in Java. That's what you wil...
5 years 8 1161
Bug? [8]
Steve, The 129 character would be a one byte binary character that you would send to check that the...
4 years 8 1404
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation [3]
Carl, Q1. There is an internal structure that will be populated based on requests via the API. It i...
1 year 8 913
Socket Client data to Variable [2]
Steve, Its a bit tricky since you want to extract out the middle field. There was a way to do this ...
3 years 8 1148
Training Images [4]
Bob, That's not the ideal way to use the Object Recognition module as its very slow to train since ...
6 months 8 494
AX-12a ball picker [9]
What dll file are you referring to? STeven....
5 years 8 1161
GPS_Reader module needs more variables [10]
John, That makes sense. We've updated the waypoints to start from 1. ...
5 years 8 1490
FRC Camera Client Receives Error When Sending Parameters [6]
That one line should do it ... lower down they explain what this does and instead use 1181 which is different from the default o...
1 year 8 906

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