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Speed Trap Application [4]
Steve, There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest is just to crop the image into that area you...
3 years 9 1094
2D barcode [10]
Pete, Yes this is possible but it depends on how you are running RoboRealm. If you are doing this v...
4 years 9 1639
traffic light detection [5]
David, If you review the blob filter documentation at ...
2 years 9 1287
Red background white circle tracking [2]
Can you post a couple images or perhaps a video? Also if you can include your current robofile that...
4 years 9 2750
Red background white circle tracking [4]
Image? STeven....
4 years 9 2750
Red background white circle tracking [9]
You may also want to take a couple shots from the side. The frontal view will probably work fine with one configuration that wil...
4 years 9 2750
API Execute Problem [3]
Rud, Its possible that something gets lost in the translation of loading he file in C++ and sending...
4 years 9 1245
2D barcode [7]
Pete, Sorry for the delay on this. We wanted to test additional samples and improve on the detectio...
4 years 9 1639
EZ-Robot V4 EZ-Builder additional features [8]
Ok, arrays should now be able to be received from within RR from EZ-builder. Latest version has the...
3 years 9 1075
Custom Algorithm [6]
Pavan, If you are interested in exploring Deep Learning RoboRealm isn't the tool for that. We focus...
2 years 9 784
Speed Trap Application [8]
See the attached (note I did change the movement from blob to window just for testing so you might need to change that back).
3 years 9 1094
Phidget servo control [6]
Brian, If the app requests to send the crash reports after restarting please allow those to go thro...
1 year 8 561
GPS_Reader module needs more variables [6]
John, Its possible the actual code hadn't made it up just yet. Regardless, .17 should be available...
4 years 8 1328
FRC Camera Client Receives Error When Sending Parameters [6]
That one line should do it ... lower down they explain what this does and instead use 1181 which is different from the default o...
7 months 8 524
Timer Random [4]
Don't use sleep, set a variable and then test for that variable using the If Statement Module and exclude the rest of your pipe...
4 years 8 1643
AX-12a ball picker [3]
First start by getting the control system up and running. Can you program the servos in Java to move the arm? Then work on where...
4 years 8 1008
Roborealm loses the camera [4]
Stephen, The error is saying that the camera is still active ... yes, it appears that things are no...
2 years 8 805
Socket Client data to Variable [4]
Ok, did you try adding the receive sequence mentioned above to the Socket Client module? I don't see that in your attached robof...
2 years 8 789
Comparing Folder images [7]
Tim, Seems like you have a couple issues going on here which we can't completely understand without...
7 months 8 467
Time with no camera [8]
No worries ... I even missed that too! We've added in a small text note in that interface to remind people of that capability. S...
3 years 8 794

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