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2D barcode [5]
Pete, Yes! That would work much better. The image posted above is 640x480 which I'm not sure if th...
4 years 9 1680
watch variables [6]
Max, Thanks for the image. That explains the issue. The blob tracking ...
3 years 9 1108
Red background white circle tracking [6]
Sorry, I should have been more specific. Can you post an image of a TEST image that you are trying this on. I.e. some guy with t...
4 years 9 2851
Delete arrghh [6]
Roland & John, Undo and Redo buttons have been added to help undo accidental operations. Also, if t...
4 years 9 684
Custom Algorithm [2]
Pavan, It will depend on how comfortable a programmer you are in which language. If you are ok with...
2 years 9 814
watch variables [2]
CTRL-W added that will bring up the Watch_Variables module. This will use the first occurance of the module in the pipeline or a...
3 years 9 1108
Speed Trap Application [6]
Steve, That's good! To get another area, use the Maker module (use som...
3 years 9 1125
API Execute Problem [3]
Rud, Its possible that something gets lost in the translation of loading he file in C++ and sending...
4 years 9 1273
Media_Reader missing functionality [4]
John, Can you confirm that link? I don't see Dashboard Camera referenced or see anywhere to downloa...
3 years 9 1252
watch variables [4]
Max, I assume that you are talking about the Display_Variables module? Can you post a robofile wher...
3 years 9 1108
2D barcode [7]
Pete, Sorry for the delay on this. We wanted to test additional samples and improve on the detectio...
4 years 9 1680
EZ-Robot V4 EZ-Builder additional features [5]
Ok, that seems to work ... what I was looking for was print(GetArraySize("$X"))
3 years 9 1117
Speed Trap Application [2]
Steve, Yes, this should be possible but your results will depend on what exactly you are monitoring...
3 years 9 1125
GPS_Reader waypoint problems [5]
John, Thanks, there were some issues with the coordinate conversions no working correctly for the w...
4 years 9 1331
2D barcode [3]
Pete, Is that the resolution that you hope to use? Any chance you can use a higher resolution camer...
4 years 9 1680
Fiducial Questions [6]
Rud, Sorry for not being clear, we don't need the images of the fiducial templates, what we need a...
4 years 9 1406
Red background white circle tracking [2]
Can you post a couple images or perhaps a video? Also if you can include your current robofile that...
4 years 9 2851
Red background white circle tracking [4]
Image? STeven....
4 years 9 2851
Red background white circle tracking [9]
You may also want to take a couple shots from the side. The frontal view will probably work fine with one configuration that wil...
4 years 9 2851
EZ-Robot V4 EZ-Builder additional features [2]
David (and Darathian), I see all the new functions (just download the latest EZ release) but don't ...
3 years 9 1117

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