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Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [8]
Jeremy, Now I'm a bit confused ... is that screenshot from the version you are using?
3 years 12 779
Arduino Motor Control [2]
You can't process images on the Arduino without additional hardware ... the code was written to work on a PC (there is a PC runn...
3 years 12 1599
Multi object tracking and triggering [3]
Aman, That's to be expected (behaving erradically) since you are using the same variables for all ...
5 years 12 2567
Edge probe issues [6]
Page, Thanks for the points. The grayed out issue should be solved. I ...
4 years 12 1284
Edge probe issues [10]
Page, We reviewed the issues and made a couple updates that we think might reduce confusion. The ma...
4 years 12 1284
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [7]
John, The blue square indicates a permission problem with sending the image from RoboRealm to the V...
3 years 12 779
How to use minoru? [13]
Very nice! That's much more precise that what I thought you could get using that system. Well done!
3 years 12 1399
opening error [10]
Roland, If this is still an issue, can you download the latest and post that error message again? W...
5 years 12 692
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [4]
Jeremy, As long as you used the button in the Virtual Camera tab to install the drivers it would ha...
3 years 12 779
Arduino Motor Control [8]
Yes, you would need 6 variables and an understanding of what motors need to do what in order to move as expected. I.e. in order ...
3 years 12 1599
How to use minoru? [2]
Ashira, As I just mentioned in ...
3 years 12 1399
opening error [6]
Roland, Thanks for the detailed sequence. That's what we figured you were doing but could not repl...
5 years 12 692
How to use minoru? [8]
Ashira, Unfortunately that doesn't look like it is working. I can't tell if it is the reflections t...
3 years 12 1399
opening error [12]
There does seem to be a strange configuration on your machine that we are not able to replicate. For some reason spaces are not ...
5 years 12 692
Edge probe issues [4]
Page, The CScript array issue should be solved in the latest version 2.62.2 The array type was not ...
4 years 12 1284
opening error [8]
Roland, That was "new test.robo" which is what you called the file that you saved. I included it ...
5 years 12 692
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [11]
Thanks, I think we found the issue to that one too. There was also a correction to the bundle size that can get incorrectly repo...
3 years 11 1250
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [2]
Andy, 1. Have you tried the connection in a regular laptop? This is just to ensure that your wiring...
3 years 11 1679
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [6]
Its possible then that the wiring of the USB cable to the Sabertooth might not be working. Another test you can try is to hook i...
3 years 11 1679
AUV [4]
Can you verify that the motors work and that setting those pins on the arduino cause the motors to move?
3 years 11 1285

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