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Arduino Motor Control [8]
Yes, you would need 6 variables and an understanding of what motors need to do what in order to move as expected. I.e. in order ...
3 years 12 1784
opening error [8]
Roland, That was "new test.robo" which is what you called the file that you saved. I included it ...
5 years 12 756
How to use minoru? [13]
Very nice! That's much more precise that what I thought you could get using that system. Well done!
3 years 12 1566
opening error [12]
There does seem to be a strange configuration on your machine that we are not able to replicate. For some reason spaces are not ...
5 years 12 756
How to use minoru? [2]
Ashira, As I just mentioned in ...
3 years 12 1566
opening error [4]
Roland, Just confirming, this is the robofile with all the keyboard reads in it right? It appears t...
5 years 12 756
Multi object tracking and triggering [5]
Ok, try the following instead: if GetVariable("SCRIPT_COUNT") = 0 then
5 years 12 2777
Multi object tracking and triggering [10]
Aman, See the attached robofile which visits each of your green plants every couple seconds. Note t...
5 years 12 2777
Edge probe issues [4]
Page, The CScript array issue should be solved in the latest version 2.62.2 The array type was not ...
4 years 12 1455
opening error [2]
Roland, Can you post that corrected file so that we can try the same thing?
5 years 12 756
How to use minoru? [8]
Ashira, Unfortunately that doesn't look like it is working. I can't tell if it is the reflections t...
3 years 12 1566
Arduino Motor Control [6]
The VBScript interfaces to the Arduino through the use of variables. Once you set a variable in VBScript using SetVariable it be...
3 years 12 1784
Arduino Motor Control [10]
We can't really create a robofile that just 'works' without having physical access to your system. There are just too many unkno...
3 years 12 1784
How to use minoru? [6]
Can you press the Save button and type in something.jpg and post that image here? I need the raw images and its very important t...
3 years 12 1566
Edge probe issues [12]
Page, The probe reversal was due to the previous issue of the white/black not being in the correct ...
4 years 12 1455
Multi object tracking and triggering [9]
Aman, The issue you are having has to do with how variables are used and how RoboRealm executes its...
5 years 12 2777
Nearest blob [3]
Dawson, Can you provide some context? For example, you have obviously tried something that was usin...
5 years 11 1284
Nearest blob [6]
Ok, give the latest version a try. It has that checkbox to switch from COG to a perimeter distance from an X,Y point. Hope this ...
5 years 11 1284
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [2]
Yes, there was an issue with an empty array (such as that created by the OR module) would stop other variables from being sent c...
3 years 11 1416
Pinch? [6]
Posted are two images. Your's above and what I was able to get. There are a couple of manual edits shown to test the correctnes...
5 years 11 1373

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