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for EDTV
What exactly are the steps that you go through to do the "follow me"? I see the video, but don't see the robo file.
12 years 16 1786
360-degree video hardware?
Hello, First of all, many thanks for making RoboRealm available.  This is an incr...
15 years 16 8606
Random break time in the pipeline
Hi, I would want to make a random break in the pipeline among a minimum and a maximum of time from me established....
7 years 16 2396
OSC communication
Hi, I would like to send RR variables to other softwares like vvvv, eyesweb, or even Flash....
15 years 16 3648
DC_Launcher module new hardware version needed
DC_Launcher module does not reconize the new hardware version of Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher. Here is the usb info...
15 years 16 3237
Using more cameras.
Hi, I trying to use roborealm for visual control and becouse the controled object is very complicated part...
15 years 16 11781
Spykee arrow key control
I need help controlling my spykee with arrow keys because im trying to use AVM navigator to move it around. Im using the Erector...
9 years 15 2085
I have recently found Roborealm and have spent many hours playing with it, this really is exellent software, apart from...
16 years 15 2657
Nubotics wheel commander Board
Hi; Im trying to use the Wheel Commander interface supplied with Roborealm. I have no trouble readi...
10 years 15 2771
read the distance among two colors
hi, I write you from Italy, I apologize me of my a little clear English. Would I like to know if it is possible t...
11 years 15 3666
VISCA Control
Any chance a module or extention can be developed to handle the VISCA protocol?  I have a Sony EVI-D100 camera...
11 years 15 16586
motor speed or tracking speed.
Dear STeven, Many thanks for your earlier help i have one more thing here, i did suc...
10 years 15 2833
Multiple camera problems
I've got 2 identical webcams, that use the Microsoft camera driver on Vista 64. They both work individually in Roborealm (i can...
13 years 15 4894
camera CMUcam connect PC with usb DB9
Hello (i m french) Would know you how I can put taking(setting), to connect the CMUcam 3 has roborealm, by using a...
12 years 15 5787
Recommend a wireless camera
I want to get a wireless camera to mount on a robot, but i have not been able to choose one.  I like those mic...
16 years 15 14123
WaitVariable - how to use it
I wrote an application in Delphi. Application utilize Robo-Realm (see attached RRTest.Pas procedure) to analyze image (Temporary...
8 years 15 6971
RoboRealm and LabVIEW
Is there a quick and easy way to send information from RoboRealm to LabVIEW?...
14 years 15 8580
Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher Not Recognized
I have a Dream Cheeky USB missile launcher w/ webcam and RoboRealm 2.37.8 doesn't seem to recognize the device. The launcher wo...
11 years 15 7839
Eye Tracking
I have a Trossen Robotics 'RoboTurret Vision Tracking' kit with me. The Kit is successfully interfaced with RoboRealm and able...
12 years 15 5029
Logitech Sphere / Orbit AF
Hi all, I have been following this forum and found it very useful, if way above my head. I cannot find any informa...
15 years 15 2623

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