RoboRealm and LabVIEW
Anonymous  [1 posts]
16 year
Is there a quick and easy way to send information from RoboRealm to LabVIEW?
Samumu from Ireland  [6 posts] 16 year
I wouldn't say yes, but i think u can with the Socket Extension in RR and the DataSocket in LAbview...
Let me know if u find the solution, I can be interested in that!

until then
Revo from Mexico  [3 posts] 16 year
I am afraid it is not posible to use DataSockets in labview because you are unable to specify the port for the conection. I was thinking about udp/tcp sockets, but I do not know if those are possible to use in roborealm and how, any ideas??

Anonymous 16 year
i could connet to RR via Labview!
i used TCP/IP in Labview to do it!
if any one,need it,plz send ur request in this post!
Revo from Mexico  [3 posts] 16 year
Hey those are excellent news!!
Can I have it? I have a lot of Labview controlled robots and I would like to use roborealm with them, so it will certainly help me.

Samumu from Ireland  [6 posts] 16 year
Indeed that would be great!
I want it too!
Is it possible to post it in here?

Thanks in advance!
moal from Egypt  [3 posts] 16 year
can have source code
Revo from Mexico  [3 posts] 16 year
Did you managed to conect labview directly to roborealm? or by using another program as a bridge like the Java socket example? I think it could be possible to do it with another program as a bridge, but have not had the time to try it, could you please share the code??

mehdi from Iran  [32 posts] 16 year
you can use tcp/ip to send variables to labview!
1)run RR API server!
2)in Labview set port and ip.
3)write commands via tcp write.
4)read RR variables via tcp read.
i did it!
if any question?
Anonymous 16 year
For those of you also using National Instruments CVI there is now a LabView folder in the API example download that incorporates a C version of the API. The example includes how to grab a processed image from RoboRealm and display it with a CVI UI.

Note that using just vi you will have to use the API commands directly. For example, in order to grab a variable value you will need to set the TCP/IP port to 6060 (or change the RR API port) and issue a


string to RR. It will then respond with something like:


which you will need to parse. We'll look into including vi examples in future API releases. Or perhaps mehdi can include more examples for now?

Anonymous 16 year
And it seems that he has already done so. Have a look at


and be sure to right click and "save as" on the link as apposed to just clicking on it. If you just click on it then it will try to run RoboRealm which does not understand that file (even though it is labeled as a .robo file). It is in fact a .vi file. Be sure to rename it to .vi when saving.

Anonymous 16 year
Thanks very much mehdi for the example!!

Gavin from Ireland  [4 posts] 15 year

I'm still struggling to gte it working, I dowloaded the file mehdi put up. I set the port 6060, and turned on the API server etc, but I still cant't get any variables back!! In the tcp it asks for an address, I kept it at localhost which was already there, maybe thats wrong??? or mayb i'm sending the command wrong! i basicly used the same command steve post, but i entered COG_X where he says variable name as thats the variable I need!

Thanks in advance!!!
Anonymous 15 year
can you put your VI here?
i can check its setting and help you!
i tested that VI and have not any problem!
Gavin from Ireland  [4 posts] 15 year
Yeh here ya go!
Gavin from Ireland  [4 posts] 15 year
here ya go!
Gavin from Ireland  [4 posts] 15 year
here ya go
Gavin from Ireland  [4 posts] 15 year
as u can see im having trouble uploading the file.........
Gavin from Ireland  [4 posts] 15 year
Here finally got it

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