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Camera Source-Network Camera vs TV Card
Any suggestions for connecting to a network camera? Currently the only option showing is a TV PCI card. My network camer...
15 years 19 13483
GPS Module crashing
Hello Everyone, I am using the GPS module for the first time and it seems to crash when I tell it w...
11 years 18 3951
Parrot AR Drone
So does anyone know enough about the new AR Drone to talk about whether it will be possible to connect it with RoboRealm? &...
11 years 18 6315
training images
hi, i tried to train a simple image from a folder but roborealm closes when i start training... what is the soluti...
12 years 18 3814
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.3 from your account link.
11 years 18 5215
Combine 2 different pipeline
Hi, I have 2 different pipeline for different detection characteristics which is:
8 years 18 3080
My First Attemp
STeven, Finally, I had time over the weekend to fiddle with RR, however it was not quite su...
16 years 18 6198
Bug selecting 2nd of 2 identical cameras
I have a total of 3 cameras on my laptop: Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 #2
14 years 18 2554
Easy Vision Program
Is there an easy vision program to use that won't take up a lot of processor space? I need it to be able to run on a single cor...
14 years 18 3810
Help regarding Rectangle/Square detection algorithm
Hi Steven, Thanks for your suggestion. Please find the sample images, RGB and BW, for your reference. I ha...
15 years 17 21553
Velleman USB
I have a Velleman USB interface board (K8055). I was wondering if there was an easy way to control it from roborealm. I have alr...
14 years 17 5078
I have been trying to connect my LEGO NXT. i tried to connect it in NXT-G like you described in your documentary but when i try...
14 years 17 2830
Have a problem with SetImage from Delphi. I've managed to "GetImage" from RR (here an example if an...
8 years 17 2406
Hi, I am trying to get Roborealm  to communicate to Mach3  running on the same computer(passin...
9 years 17 3140
Basler Camera II
Hi STeven, it has been awhile.  This is a continuation from a post from last year (see post Basler Camera).  ...
9 years 17 4458
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm?
Our team is relatively new in using RoboRealm. We got a sample program to track a hand but we would want to know how to get Robo...
10 years 17 3753
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed
Well I’ve gotten this far with my Robo Magellan project: ...
10 years 17 3095
STeven, Have you been following the progress on the Kinect open drivers? It would be pretty sweet t...
13 years 17 8471
Accessing COG Variables Through MSRS
I'm trying to create a simple ball following program in Microsoft Robotics Studio using a Lego NXT in conjunction with...
16 years 17 4027
Using more cameras.
Hi, I trying to use roborealm for visual control and becouse the controled object is very complicated part...
15 years 16 11781

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