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\\0 at the end of my serial messages [2]
Robert, Go ahead and get the latest version as that has a fix in it for that. I've not had a chanc...
4 years 3 726
X, Y List variable [2]
Lev, The X,Y list should be coordinates of a grid/checkboard that you have already processed in som...
2 years 2 726
AVM_obj recognation issue [2]
Muhammed, Can you describe or post an example image of what objects you are recognizing? I have a s...
3 years 2 727
Oculus Rift [2]
CJ, Its an interesting thought ... we are aware of that product but didn't think it had much relev...
5 years 5 727
Oculus Rift [4]
CJ, Ok, then it seems like there may be a reason for integration in this case. I agree that piping ...
5 years 5 727
automatic image calibration parameters [6]
Pat, Its the unwarped corner points as found in the original image. The idea is that with those cor...
2 years 6 728
automatic image calibration parameters [2]
Pat, If you download the latest version there is now an export button in that module to export the ...
2 years 6 728
automatic image calibration parameters [4]
Pat, We've made an update to create a AUTO_CALIBRATION_CORNERS array that will hold the corner poin...
2 years 6 728
Image flicker using OpenNI Kinect camera [2]
Thomas, I assume you are seeing this flickering also in the RGB image? Note that you will get some ...
4 years 2 729
Object Detection and License Issues [3]
The trial version does not limit the object recognition techniques. Here are some things to consider.
6 years 2 730
Options tabs [2]
Nemanya, This has been corrected. The kiosk title should remain even when opening robofiles or imag...
4 years 3 731
Crash report on startup [2]
Pete, That's most likely caused by the crash file not being able to be deleted for some reason. Yo...
4 years 2 731
Image Matching [2]
Bob, Just for completeness ... or in case you are using this for a different function than image co...
2 years 2 731
School project [3]
Given those items I'd take a quick look at Makey ...
5 years 2 732
detection and count of parked car [2]
Quentin, What I would try is to instead detect the presence of the ground instead of a car ... and ...
5 years 2 732
Network Camera [3]
Hoejin, Can you place that camera online for us to access? STeven....
5 years 2 733
Full screen toggle [2]
Are you running the Kiosk mode also in full screen? Would this just necessitate changing the image?
5 years 2 733
Bug in Python 2.x script implementation? [2]
Thomas, There is a problem with the Windows control that we are using for the output in that it doe...
4 years 4 733
Bug in Python 2.x script implementation? [4]
Thomas, We added a checkbox at the top of these modules to auto-load and run when the system sees a...
4 years 4 733
Crashing [2]
Robert, We noticed one error from an XP system that appeared to be within Windows. Is there somethi...
5 years 6 734

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