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how to detect knurling defects [2]
Alberto, One best way to accomplish this is using the FFT module
1 year 5 615
Remembering USB Camera [2]
Yes, that's one of the reasons the module exists. It will send the required settings to the camera when rerun to ensure the came...
1 year 2 615
Multiple COG coordinates [2]
Actually it doesn't ... unless the other circles are more of the color just selected. That's why the GUI uses checkboxes as ap...
3 years 2 617
Crashing [2]
Robert, We noticed one error from an XP system that appeared to be within Windows. Is there somethi...
4 years 6 618
Crashing [6]
Thanks for the update. It does seem to be an issue with something within windows. Unfortunately we are not seeing that problem o...
4 years 6 618
Crashing [4]
Robert, Go ahead and download the most recent version which should take care of the camera error. <...
4 years 6 618
Need help:  API response time fluctuates a lot [3]
Billy, This is one of the reasons that the Network Tables module was created ... to separate the wa...
4 years 3 619
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking [2]
Sebastian, You will want to look at the Network Tables module which will allow you to transmit the ...
3 years 2 619
snow globe [4]
George, The key words you mentioned are "see how fast the water clears" which makes this a relative...
2 years 4 619
Object recognition - batabase [2]
Including email response in case others have the same questions: There isn't an easy answer to wha...
3 years 2 619
snow globe [2]
George, It will really depend on the image. Can you post one here? I'...
2 years 4 619
WindowsXP [5]
Should be fine, we had some install issues (missing libs) on XP a couple months ago but that was the only issue we have been awa...
4 years 4 620
Is there a way to merge RoboRealm scripts? [2]
Thomas, We added multiple select of modules in the pipeline after which you can copy/cut by using C...
3 years 5 623
Switching cameras [2]
Rather than fix it in hardware just select one camera using the main Camera button and Options Video tab, and then use the Marke...
4 years 2 623
Is there a way to merge RoboRealm scripts? [4]
Thanks, the right click obviously wasn't working quite right. This has now been fixed. I was wonder...
3 years 5 623
Image flicker using OpenNI Kinect camera [2]
Thomas, I assume you are seeing this flickering also in the RGB image? Note that you will get some ...
3 years 2 626
ini file [4]
Pete, I think the confusion is that an ini file doesn't exist ... ie. we don't provide an example...
3 years 4 626
ini file [2]
Pete, If you have a look at ...
3 years 4 626
USB3 [2]
That depends on the camera manufacturer. When you say "webcam" you are talking either about a WFV or DirectX access into the c...
4 years 2 627
Socket Comminications [2]
Pete, We've updated the Socket Plugin module and uploaded it to the site. It should allow you to s...
3 years 3 629

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