Powe Down
Steven from United States  [4 posts]
1 month
We are running RR on an industrial PC but there is no way to use a UPS. The problem is when the operator shuts down, the computer is disconnected from power without going through proper shutdown.

This causes the program file to get corrupt and sometimes causes the program to be unreadable.

Is there a work around for this ? It's not possible to have the operator go through normal shutdown of the PC.

Any thoughts ?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 29 days

I assume you mean that the working file that it occasionally saves during execution gets corrupted? What you can do is use the Options button->Startup tab and set "Load this program" to a saved robofile that you create. This will NOT be overwritten and thus should never get corrupted by a power cycle in the middle of a write.

This is assuming you are talking about a robofile corruption as apposed to something else.


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