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Automatic Image Calibration [4]
Charlie, Due to the way the interface is, it will only transform arrays that contain X, Y coordinat...
1 year 5 696
Getting a boolean variable for target identification [3]
Toyalima, It partly depends on how you are detecting the target and what variables would get set or...
5 years 2 698
Gige Cameras [2]
We are currently investigating the costs associated with adding in the Gige standard as a module into RoboRealm. Unfortunately t...
5 years 2 699
Full screen mode [2]
Sam, Do you have other monitors connected? Its also possible that som...
4 years 2 699
Socket Comminications [2]
Pete, We've updated the Socket Plugin module and uploaded it to the site. It should allow you to s...
4 years 3 700
No sensor reading from Roomba with ser2net [2]
Reinhold, So it appears that reading from the device no longer works? Did this happen after you up...
4 years 2 700
How to execute/run a robo file [2]
Vy, The easiest way is to just continuously analyse the images coming in ... assuming that you don'...
4 years 2 700
Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye [2]
John, There are many reasons for this. First, be sure that you are NOT running anything in the pipe...
4 years 2 700
WindowsXP [5]
Should be fine, we had some install issues (missing libs) on XP a couple months ago but that was the only issue we have been awa...
5 years 4 700
Interfacing via VS-2012 [2]
Dave, can you confirm if you are compiling the examples for 32 bit or 64 bit? A 32 bit app cannot l...
4 years 2 701
New Robots [4]
Kurt, We've heard back from Corpora and unfortunately it looks like things will not work out (its ...
5 years 3 701
New Robots [3]
Kurt, We did not have any plans to support the Qbo robot (it seems to have just become available). ...
5 years 3 701
Python in separate editor [2]
Thomas, I may have misspoken, the idea was to use an external editor to modify just the file that R...
4 years 2 702
Read_HTTP Timeout [2]
Cuba, We've added a timeout in the latest version. Note that this number is in milliseconds.
5 years 2 702
Controlling RoboRealm through Java API [2]
Nivin, You will get a null when no object is recognized. You should be able to verify when running ...
4 years 5 703
Controlling RoboRealm through Java API [4]
Nivin, I'm not sure you will get what you want from using the Object Recognition module. That modu...
4 years 5 703
snow globe [2]
George, It will really depend on the image. Can you post one here? I'...
3 years 4 704
snow globe [4]
George, The key words you mentioned are "see how fast the water clears" which makes this a relative...
3 years 4 704
shape recognition [2]
Yes, this is possible but the shape recognition module is probably not the right solution. That's meant to identify objects tha...
5 years 3 704
You should be able to download the robofile at the bottom of ...
5 years 2 704

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