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New Robots [3]
Kurt, We did not have any plans to support the Qbo robot (it seems to have just become available). ...
6 years 3 802
roborealm error [2]
Yes, the file is configured to look for a servo controller hardware board. The message is indicating that this connection could ...
6 years 2 802
How to execute/run a robo file [2]
Vy, The easiest way is to just continuously analyse the images coming in ... assuming that you don'...
5 years 2 802
Change in behavior of Marker [2]
Rud, The behavior was more undefined than a bug. For that capability, I'd recommend using the Resi...
6 years 2 803
DLink camera [4]
Emailed an address you can use. Just for others reading this, its always possible that the Dlink pr...
3 years 4 804
DLink camera [2]
Jerry, You have a couple options here: 1. Send us the camera so that w...
3 years 4 804
Regarding Color Identification [2]
Its best to post some example images so we can better understand the context of what you are asking for. I would recommend revie...
3 years 2 805
human skin colour detection and tracking [3]
Rakesh, That's a hard question to answer since it is too vague. You can find a lot of online resou...
6 years 2 806
SHAPES array [2]
Jeremy, You can access individual elements using [SHAPE_SIZE:2]
4 years 2 807
Neato Lidar module - functional? data format? [2]
Billy, I'm not sure why above 10 would be an issue. We verified that 10 is not significant in any w...
3 years 4 807
Object recognition or image matching [2]
Jaheer, Multiple techniques are in the OR module to allow for the right technique to be used for a ...
3 years 2 807
Bug in call module [2]
Just for completeness, this has been corrected. STeven....
6 years 3 807
Cannot change Color Format for camera [3]
Marco, Not much choice on this since its the first we've come across this issue when changing the ...
6 years 3 808
Help required in getting variables data [2]
Either http://www.robor...
3 years 2 808
datamatrix read orientation [2]
Pat, This was corrected a couple versions ago. If you upgrade you should get recognition of both (j...
3 years 2 808
Object Recognition_Template folder samples [4]
FRP, Yes, that's basically it. The one change is that the images should be only of the target to de...
2 years 4 809
Object Recognition_Template folder samples [2]
Dr. P, Not that we can make available. Typically google image search is a good option for finding a...
2 years 4 809
Roborealm Crash File [4]
Gulmen, Thanks for the crash report. We have checked all the information we can and have made some ...
4 years 5 809
Roborealm Crash File [2]
Gulmen, Can you zip up that crash report and post it here? That will allow us to better get an idea...
4 years 5 809
Fiducials [3]
Andy, Thanks for the images ... ideally we would test with the raw un-annotated images but I think ...
5 years 4 810

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