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Joystick variables over distributor server/client [3]
John, We made some corrections to the Distributor modules. Can you try with the latest version and ...
6 years 3 738
Working with multiple tabs [2]
Please check ht...
2 years 2 739
xvid codec not workintg [4]
Are you sure the error is coming from the DVR Server instead of the Read_AVI module? I.e. does the video play just fine until th...
4 years 5 740
REgarding camera resoltuion [2]
Hemant, You don't have any couple choices until you can move the camera backwards to get more in th...
3 years 2 740
Block Detection [2]
William, There isn't a way to detect squares like the Circles module does. Its a basic difference b...
4 years 4 740
Block Detection [4]
William, If this is just for fun, you can experiment around with various object recognition techniq...
4 years 4 740
Webcam Recommendations? [2]
60fps will pretty much reduce you down to a couple webcams ... most will already do deinterlaced esp. webcams. If you get into d...
5 years 2 740
xvid codec not workintg [2]
There seems to be a problem with the Xvid install. Perhaps you can try uninstalling, reboot and then reinstall to see if that he...
4 years 5 740
Image analysis for timer application [2]
Travis, Thanks for posting the image. While I think it is possible to come up with a solution using...
4 years 2 740
Webcam suggestions [2]
Sam, We've actually created a mounting system for that camera (and its successor) that was initiall...
4 years 2 741
Gerald, You may try the OpenNI2 module instead which uses the MS Kinect drivers. See
6 years 2 742
Help required in getting variables data [2]
Either http://www.robor...
3 years 2 742
Counting bread [2]
Peter, Do you want to count each bucket of bread (relatively easy) or the individual break loafs in...
4 years 4 743
Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye [2]
John, There are many reasons for this. First, be sure that you are NOT running anything in the pipe...
5 years 2 743
Counting bread [4]
Peter, It will be very difficult to count the individual break loafs since they are not very discre...
4 years 4 743
Edge Detection for laser trimming [3]
Michael, You must be a cat person? Yes, something along those lines ca...
6 years 2 744
shape recognition [2]
Yes, this is possible but the shape recognition module is probably not the right solution. That's meant to identify objects tha...
6 years 3 744
Controlling RoboRealm through Java API [2]
Nivin, You will get a null when no object is recognized. You should be able to verify when running ...
5 years 5 746
Controlling RoboRealm through Java API [4]
Nivin, I'm not sure you will get what you want from using the Object Recognition module. That modu...
5 years 5 746
Neato Lidar module - functional? data format? [2]
Billy, I'm not sure why above 10 would be an issue. We verified that 10 is not significant in any w...
3 years 4 746

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