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No sensor reading from Roomba with ser2net [2]
Reinhold, So it appears that reading from the device no longer works? Did this happen after you up...
4 years 2 635
AVM_obj recognation issue [2]
Muhammed, Can you describe or post an example image of what objects you are recognizing? I have a s...
3 years 2 636
RoboRealm 64 bit [4]
Mayank, A 64 bit version of the RoboRealm.dll is not available. If you append &b=64 to your downloa...
3 years 4 637
RoboRealm 64 bit [2]
Mayank, We've not had any requests for a 64 bit version but have intended to release a 64 bit versi...
3 years 4 637
hardware needed [2]
It should just function fine on a regular PC unless you have a large video image (> 640x480). See
3 years 2 638
snow globe [2]
George, It will really depend on the image. Can you post one here? I'...
3 years 4 639
snow globe [4]
George, The key words you mentioned are "see how fast the water clears" which makes this a relative...
3 years 4 639
WindowsXP [5]
Should be fine, we had some install issues (missing libs) on XP a couple months ago but that was the only issue we have been awa...
5 years 4 642
RR-RPi [2]
RR doesn't run on the Raspberry PI (different chipset) but it can interact with it remotely. For example, you can run an image ...
4 years 2 643
control robot with static camera [2]
Masood, If you have not already have a look at ...
4 years 2 643
Python in separate editor [2]
Thomas, I may have misspoken, the idea was to use an external editor to modify just the file that R...
4 years 2 643
Object recognition - batabase [2]
Including email response in case others have the same questions: There isn't an easy answer to wha...
4 years 2 643
Socket Comminications [2]
Pete, We've updated the Socket Plugin module and uploaded it to the site. It should allow you to s...
4 years 3 644
Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye [2]
John, There are many reasons for this. First, be sure that you are NOT running anything in the pipe...
4 years 2 644
USB3 [2]
That depends on the camera manufacturer. When you say "webcam" you are talking either about a WFV or DirectX access into the c...
5 years 2 644
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking [2]
Sebastian, You will want to look at the Network Tables module which will allow you to transmit the ...
4 years 2 645
Execute AVM roborealm on two instances [2]
Yes, just check the Options button->Application tab->Allow Multiple Running Instances checkbox. That will allow you to run...
4 years 3 645
OPC server [3]
Does the Delphi GUI implement an OPC server or client? I.e. what side do you need in RR? The client is a lot simpler to create w...
4 years 4 646
OPC server [2]
That looks like something we can incorporate. Give us some time to review that spec and I'll post an update here probably somet...
4 years 4 646
CTRL C CTRL V bug [2]
Thomas, Can you confirm what version you a using and if you are copying to another tab or another i...
4 years 3 646

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