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Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras [2]
Perhaps you can merge with ...
4 years 2 569
SHAPES array [2]
Jeremy, You can access individual elements using [SHAPE_SIZE:2]
2 years 2 569
String or variable concatenation [2]
Thomas, Its now possible to use ["hello"+"world"]
2 years 2 569
second tab issues [2]
Thanks for the test file. This should be fixed in v2.56.9. STeven....
4 years 2 570
Perspective projection module in roborealm [2]
Vince, Taking a step back, are you asking for a technique to determine the correct path in an image...
4 years 3 571
Can Roborealm do this? [2]
Bill, This is certainly possible but I'm not sure why one would use vision for such an application....
2 years 4 571
OSC from script [2]
Foo, You can't send it directly from the VBScript module but you can create a variable that either ...
1 year 2 571
Can Roborealm do this? [4]
Bill, Understood of the example scenario. Just making sure that's the case as we often get asked qu...
2 years 4 571
Printing [2]
Yup, either of those would probably work. As you discovered there is no printing capability at all ...
4 years 3 572
TRENDnet TV-IP672WI [3]
Doug & others, As mentioned in my email, you have a couple options: 1....
4 years 2 572
Boebot control [3]
JW, Do you see the request to send an error report after you restart RR after a crash? Can you allo...
4 years 2 572
Purchase licence [2]
Patrick, The license is attached to a specific download link. Like when you request a trial, you ar...
4 years 2 573
v2.48.3 FAILS obj recognition [3]
Marco, While there hasn't been any changes to our knowledge in the OR module from those versions i...
5 years 2 573
Best method for embeding RR into another app ? [2]
Met, Thanks for the tip about the missing .h file. That has now been added.
3 years 3 574
Cuda, multicore and 64bit support? [2]
Thanks for your suggestions. RR already does support multiple CPUs in many of the more taxing modules (OCR, Stereo, Object Recog...
3 years 2 574
Line Following sensor [2]
Goupil, The company no longer exists. Some of the folks moved over to cmRobot but I don't think th...
4 years 2 576
Actuators [2]
Eric, As RoboRealm runs on a PC you will most likely need something inbetween the PC and the final ...
2 years 2 576
Repeaded double click on module does not open window [2]
This should be fixed. It had to do with the multi-select upgrade that we just did. Something wasn't getting reset after a select...
3 years 3 576
New trial version? [3]
Yea, we've tried to get on the whitelist for Norton but that doesn't seem to have done much. It is only a warning and not an a...
4 years 3 577
Multiple Running Instances [2]
Jiri, It should work as expected in the Trial version. What is most likely happening is that your u...
3 years 3 578

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