Blob_Filter Get/Set Parameters
MaizeBlueGold  [4 posts]
7 years
Hi all, can anyone advice us on how to get or set Blob_Filter parameters, such as Filter_id, Intensity, Weight_Threshold, ...etc via API ? Thanks.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1415 posts] 7 years
There are two primary ways to do this. The first is to use expressions within those fields. For example, type in [obj_count] into the count field along with the [] as they tell RR to use the value within the variable specified within the []. Once this is done you can use the SetVariable API call to change that parameter.

The second technique is to configure the Blob_Filter module as needed and save that configuration as a test.robo file. Load that robo file into a text editor and you will see where the values are used (its just a text file). You can then use the execute API call with that same text in order to execute the full robofile. Before you send this text via the execute function you can use your programming languages ability to change a text string to change those parameters. For example in C++ sprintf will do this, in other languages like VB you can do ..." & param & " ...



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