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.robo file it loads tabs but doesn't load their contents [2]
If you haven't already, download the latest and that should be solved. STeven. ...
3 years 3 596
saving versus opening [2]
Roland, In v.2.56.9 both of these interfaces have been consolidated to show both image files and ro...
5 years 2 596
Can Roborealm do this? [2]
Bill, This is certainly possible but I'm not sure why one would use vision for such an application....
3 years 4 597
v2.48.3 FAILS obj recognition [3]
Marco, While there hasn't been any changes to our knowledge in the OR module from those versions i...
6 years 2 597
Can Roborealm do this? [4]
Bill, Understood of the example scenario. Just making sure that's the case as we often get asked qu...
3 years 4 597
TRENDnet TV-IP672WI [3]
Doug & others, As mentioned in my email, you have a couple options: 1....
5 years 2 598
Annotations [2]
BE, 1. You'd have to go to each module and select the annotation color as blank to disable the draw...
2 years 4 599
Annotations [4]
Barry, One trick you can try is to use the Marker module's "Include overlay graphics in marker" whi...
2 years 4 599
Image Comparison [4]
Sure, if you look at the Load_Image module you will see a checkbox that will enable the ability (and configuration) to read all ...
2 years 6 599
Image Comparison [2]
You mean like: ht...
2 years 6 599
Network Tables [3]
Matt, If you've not already update RR to the latest version as a lot of NT change were made in the...
5 years 2 599
New trial version? [3]
Yea, we've tried to get on the whitelist for Norton but that doesn't seem to have done much. It is only a warning and not an a...
5 years 3 600
Run without GUI [5]
Its possible that something on your machine (perhaps a virus protection system) is preventing the keystrokes from getting to the...
2 years 6 600
Cuda, multicore and 64bit support? [2]
Thanks for your suggestions. RR already does support multiple CPUs in many of the more taxing modules (OCR, Stereo, Object Recog...
4 years 2 600
String or variable concatenation [2]
Thomas, Its now possible to use ["hello"+"world"]
3 years 2 600
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation [5]
Carl, The Watch Variables module should be benign when it comes to any interaction with the underly...
1 year 8 601
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation [3]
Carl, Q1. There is an internal structure that will be populated based on requests via the API. It i...
1 year 8 601
Purchase licence [2]
Patrick, The license is attached to a specific download link. Like when you request a trial, you ar...
5 years 2 601
Cognex [2]
Monito, We're not sure about the Cognex cameras in terms of how they connect (we've never actuall...
5 years 2 603
REgarding camera resoltuion [2]
Hemant, You don't have any couple choices until you can move the camera backwards to get more in th...
2 years 2 604

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