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Robot tracking Robot [2]
Jerry, Nicely done! Those are good test videos. What we noticed is that when the detection fails it...
1 year 4 542
Robot tracking Robot [4]
Nice video! Gaussian blur can help to smooth the image a bit and blend the colors into a more smoot...
1 year 4 542
.robo file it loads tabs but doesn't load their contents [2]
If you haven't already, download the latest and that should be solved. STeven. ...
2 years 3 542
problem in sprkfun_mega module [5]
Nithy, We were able to verify the problem but since the fix we cannot replicate the issue in either...
1 year 7 545
Roborealm Crash File [4]
Gulmen, Thanks for the crash report. We have checked all the information we can and have made some ...
2 years 5 545
Roborealm Crash File [2]
Gulmen, Can you zip up that crash report and post it here? That will allow us to better get an idea...
2 years 5 545
Run without GUI [5]
Its possible that something on your machine (perhaps a virus protection system) is preventing the keystrokes from getting to the...
1 year 6 547
line profile [2]
It does change the value to zero. You just can't see it in the Watch Variables module since that module will truncate informatio...
2 years 3 548
Un-zoom view [2]
Michelle, There are two possibilities. One being that you went full screen (the last option in the ...
3 years 2 548
General question [2]
RoboRealm is written in C/C++ Not sure where you read that its considered faster than OpenCV. We do...
3 years 2 549
write_variables [2]
No, they were just included twice since it is listed under the loading and variables category in the Contents tab. This has been...
4 years 2 549
Leddar [2]
Dave, They appear to offer a SDK with .Net and C libraries so it should be quite straightforward. C...
2 years 2 550
Stereo Sound [3]
While RoboRealm does not do much with audio, it is possible to generate two files with audio on the left or right speaker (you'...
4 years 2 551
Cognex [2]
Monito, We're not sure about the Cognex cameras in terms of how they connect (we've never actuall...
4 years 2 552
How to get the fiducial border [2]
Yes, have a look at the bottom of ...
4 years 3 552
Communicating  the presence of a blob to Arduino [2]
Zehan, Attached is a robofile that should help you along the way. The trick is to eliminate any goo...
1 year 2 553
No, your battery is probably ok. What happens when you unplug the laptop is that your computer goes into power saving mode. You ...
4 years 2 554
Serial communication from colour filter [2]
Kris, Can you post a image of what you would expect to see from the camera?
4 years 2 555
TCP socket not receiving all the data [2]
Bryan, There is a little discrepancy between what the console shows and what is actually being read...
2 years 2 556
merge variables [2]
Martin, You may have better luck trying the CScript module as VBScript does not have really easy bi...
4 years 2 559

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