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snow globe [2]
George, It will really depend on the image. Can you post one here? I'...
3 years 4 704
shape recognition [2]
Yes, this is possible but the shape recognition module is probably not the right solution. That's meant to identify objects tha...
5 years 3 704
snow globe [4]
George, The key words you mentioned are "see how fast the water clears" which makes this a relative...
3 years 4 704
Object recognition - batabase [2]
Including email response in case others have the same questions: There isn't an easy answer to wha...
4 years 2 704
WVC200 image not writing to RR... [3]
Jeff, Typically that means that it is accessing the camera and loading in frames but is unable to d...
5 years 2 704
Image Matching [2]
Bob, Ideally the image path is only set very infrequently. Its not a parameter that should be chang...
2 years 2 705
Communicating  the presence of a blob to Arduino [2]
Zehan, Attached is a robofile that should help you along the way. The trick is to eliminate any goo...
2 years 2 706
ini file [4]
Pete, I think the confusion is that an ini file doesn't exist ... ie. we don't provide an example...
4 years 4 706
ini file [2]
Pete, If you have a look at ...
4 years 4 706
Installation Problem [2]
Yes, it looks like you got a bad download. Use your original link again and download a fresh copy. It should be about 6.2megs. I...
5 years 2 711
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh. [7]
Dmitry, Thanks for mentioning that. It was a problem in the Draw.cpp file include with the SwapColo...
3 years 7 711
OPC server [3]
Does the Delphi GUI implement an OPC server or client? I.e. what side do you need in RR? The client is a lot simpler to create w...
4 years 4 711
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh. [4]
There is no change to that code. To update static image call UpdateImage();
3 years 7 711
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh. [2]
Dmitry, Thanks for pointing this out. The message was not making its way to the correct function. T...
3 years 7 711
NetworkTables not connecting to Robot [4]
Mike, No problem, it just got updated last night. You'll have to download RR again to get that fix...
5 years 3 711
Execute AVM roborealm on two instances [2]
Yes, just check the Options button->Application tab->Allow Multiple Running Instances checkbox. That will allow you to run...
4 years 3 711
OPC server [2]
That looks like something we can incorporate. Give us some time to review that spec and I'll post an update here probably somet...
4 years 4 711
Rectangular DataMatrix barcode [2]
Added to the most recent version. In terms of cameras, for barcodes you are probably best of with a...
2 years 2 712
control robot with static camera [2]
Masood, If you have not already have a look at ...
4 years 2 712
Network Tables [3]
Yes, it does need a central server that basically acts like a database server. The server is not much more difficult to implemen...
5 years 2 712

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