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School project [3]
Given those items I'd take a quick look at Makey ...
6 years 2 870
Crash report on startup [2]
Pete, That's most likely caused by the crash file not being able to be deleted for some reason. Yo...
5 years 2 874
Help required in getting variables data [2]
Either http://www.robor...
3 years 2 874
Read_HTTP Timeout [2]
Cuba, We've added a timeout in the latest version. Note that this number is in milliseconds.
6 years 2 875
Web server image stream... rather slow? [4]
Christian, Most likely the problem is one of lighting ... some webcams will reduce their frame rate...
5 years 4 876
Web server image stream... rather slow? [2]
If you run a browser ON the robot's machine do you see the same choppy results? That would eliminate any issues that the networ...
5 years 4 876
Network Tables [3]
Yes, it does need a central server that basically acts like a database server. The server is not much more difficult to implemen...
6 years 2 876
Neato Lidar module - functional? data format? [2]
Billy, I'm not sure why above 10 would be an issue. We verified that 10 is not significant in any w...
3 years 4 877
ini file [4]
Pete, I think the confusion is that an ini file doesn't exist ... ie. we don't provide an example...
5 years 4 877
ini file [2]
Pete, If you have a look at ...
5 years 4 877
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking [2]
Sebastian, You will want to look at the Network Tables module which will allow you to transmit the ...
5 years 2 878
snow globe [2]
George, It will really depend on the image. Can you post one here? I'...
4 years 4 878
snow globe [4]
George, The key words you mentioned are "see how fast the water clears" which makes this a relative...
4 years 4 878
xtion range data [3]
Dave, That makes sense. Its probably a good candidate to put results into an array. The latest vers...
6 years 4 878
DLink camera [4]
Emailed an address you can use. Just for others reading this, its always possible that the Dlink pr...
3 years 4 881
Installation Problem [2]
Yes, it looks like you got a bad download. Use your original link again and download a fresh copy. It should be about 6.2megs. I...
6 years 2 881
NetworkTables not connecting to Robot [4]
Mike, No problem, it just got updated last night. You'll have to download RR again to get that fix...
6 years 3 881
DLink camera [2]
Jerry, You have a couple options here: 1. Send us the camera so that w...
3 years 4 881
Lego EV3 + Roborealm = Amazing [2]
Huno, Very cool project! Thanks for shared. We added this to ...
3 years 2 882
Python in separate editor [2]
Thomas, I may have misspoken, the idea was to use an external editor to modify just the file that R...
5 years 2 882

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