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Advantech I/O board support [2]
Tomasz, Yes, it is possible to support boards like these ... but we do not have the time or resourc...
4 years 3 637
Object Detection and License Issues [3]
The trial version does not limit the object recognition techniques. Here are some things to consider.
5 years 2 638
Confidence Value [2]
Joe, The bit setting of 1 would toggle the relay quite frequently as the number changes. I would ex...
2 years 2 640
\\0 at the end of my serial messages [2]
Robert, Go ahead and get the latest version as that has a fix in it for that. I've not had a chanc...
3 years 3 641
NetworkTables not connecting to Robot [4]
Mike, No problem, it just got updated last night. You'll have to download RR again to get that fix...
4 years 3 641
Edge Detection for laser trimming [3]
Michael, You must be a cat person? Yes, something along those lines ca...
4 years 2 642
Installer and License Issues [3]
It will largely depend on how your customer intends to use your application. If you want to resell RoboRealm along with your pro...
5 years 2 643
Interfacing via VS-2012 [2]
Dave, can you confirm if you are compiling the examples for 32 bit or 64 bit? A 32 bit app cannot l...
3 years 2 643
Full screen toggle [2]
Are you running the Kiosk mode also in full screen? Would this just necessitate changing the image?
4 years 2 643
If a Different Object Recognized= Different Robot Action [4]
William, You are on the right track. If you add the Sparkfun_Arduino module and select that Rotate_...
1 year 4 644
You should be able to download the robofile at the bottom of ...
4 years 2 645
Trial period expired [2]
Ping, We just updated the download with a solution to this problem. Can you download it once again,...
3 years 2 648
line [4]
Ok, thanks for the clarification, it pays to be very specific when asking questions. Perhaps the following will give you an exam...
2 years 4 649
line [2]
Fernando, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. If you had an example image that might be easier t...
2 years 4 649
Web server image stream... rather slow? [4]
Christian, Most likely the problem is one of lighting ... some webcams will reduce their frame rate...
3 years 4 650
Multiple Measurements [2]
Alan, Yes, this is a common use of the application. In your case, the first module will align the i...
1 year 2 650
Web server image stream... rather slow? [2]
If you run a browser ON the robot's machine do you see the same choppy results? That would eliminate any issues that the networ...
3 years 4 650
Tracking [4]
And the example image you can use to see this effect ... again, its not quite to spec. STeven.
4 years 4 651
Tracking [3]
Anthony, The best way to do this is to eliminate one or the other target based on aspect ratio. We ...
4 years 4 651
Can I Import Pre-recorded Video?? [2]
Try the Media Reader or Read AVI modules: ...
3 years 2 651

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