Is this possible? Image Data base compairison? Live Video?
Jason Martin from United States  [1 posts]
10 year
I am not sure if this software will do what I need. I am making a card sorting machine. I need the software to look at a small area of a video feed.

It will be HD Live video, probably need to be at least 1.3mp to 3mp video.

Basically I would have a software interface with different parameters that I can add to, edit, and change. Each of the parameters would have a couple of small pics to compare to. Might be a shape, color, or letter. The software would look at a very small, specific area of the video feed, compare it to the images for that parameter, if it is yes or no send a signal through serial cable/ parallel cable, whatever. I will have an arduino that will be waiting for a signal. If it receives A then it will do this, if it is B it will do this. I just need the software to look at the card and say yes or no.

Example: I select parameter (A) check box /  the program would look at the upper left portion of the video feed, it is looking for a shape, it compares against the images in a folder, if it sees a match sends a signal A, if No then sends signal B. The arduino moves the card and it repeats the process over and over until all of the cards are gone.

Think of it like this. Lets say you had 100 poker decks all mixed together stacked in a nice row. So the cards will always be in the exact same spot in the video. I want the machine to find only the 8 of spades. The software knows to look in the upper left portion of the video feed. The software compares it to the photos in it's database and sends a signal either yes or no. The arduino moves the card in less than a second and does it again and again. I take the "no" stack of cards put it back in the machine and now I want it to find 7 of clubs, ect, ect,... Is this possible with this software and or plugins?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

Not sure if this is still relevant, but yes, this is possible. If you refer to


you will see another example of this. We've also had quite a few of these systems using screen capture (i.e. automating the playing of online poker/blackjack/etc.) over the years. That's a bit easier since a screen capture is much more crisp than a real image ... but the technique is similar.


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