Automated archery scoring
Mark from United Kingdom  [8 posts]
4 years
Hi to all

Back again with this project to automatically score an arrow hitting the target. Have been playing with the various scripting langauages to progress this and have come up with a VB script but would appreciate the xeperts on this forum having alook as its not working how i think it should.

Getting the following error
Error (2)   Expected    '='

Once again any help very much appreciated



Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 4 years

Note that VBScript is a bit different than VB. You don't need type indications as you have specified.

Attached is a redone robofile. I would recommend using distance from center as a point indicator instead of color. Color will change depending on the weather so that will be harder to be reliable.

Take at look at the attached and see if it makes sense. Please download the latest RR in order to run this as we noticed the histogram align module was really slow ... so that was optimized to be much fast.



Mark from United Kingdom  [8 posts] 4 years
Steven thank you very much looks great.Really appreciate the help.


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