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Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB [2]
As mentioned in the other post, have a look at ...
5 years 2 763
Dynamically displaying an image into a current image [2]
Vince, Once you have the filename that you want to display you can set that into a variable (lets c...
4 years 4 764
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture) [2]
Color is an obvious test ... see attached. STeven.
4 years 2 766
Automatic Image Calibration [2]
BE, The idea is that the calibration grid is taken by the same camera with the same resolution as t...
2 years 2 768
Plugin Samsung Galaxy SII / Tab [3]
Christophe, This should be possible. What app are you using to create the phone as an IP camera? "...
5 years 2 769
Phidget servo control [6]
Brian, If the app requests to send the crash reports after restarting please allow those to go thro...
2 years 8 769
Visual Programming Language [3]
James, Its not easy but possible to do. Everything you need is included in those examples that you ...
5 years 2 769
Listen to noise [2]
Marco, After speaking you need to set a variable that will avoid the speaking again until something...
3 years 2 773
Programming Arexx RA-1 Pro With the aid of a camera sensor . [3]
Erdogan, If your camera is mounted on the end of the robot arm, that may be the issue. As you try t...
5 years 2 773
Robot tracking Robot [4]
Nice video! Gaussian blur can help to smooth the image a bit and blend the colors into a more smoot...
2 years 4 774
getVariables error [4]
Padraig, The assumption you are making are that the values are integers. RoboRealm variables are lo...
4 years 4 774
Compiling Programs for FRC [3]
Jay, It doesn't compile within LabView but it does integrate with it. If you have a look at the AP...
5 years 2 774
camera choice [2]
Roland, Yes, the auto-focus can be disabled and manually set. We've used this camera and the next r...
4 years 2 774
FRC 2013 Double Tracking [3]
Assuming you have two techniques where one detects the target and the other the pyramid, you can trigger the detection of those ...
5 years 2 774
getVariables error [2]
Padraig, The result is as expected. Within the RR scripting modules the GetVariable really means Ge...
4 years 4 774
Robot tracking Robot [2]
Jerry, Nicely done! Those are good test videos. What we noticed is that when the detection fails it...
2 years 4 774
Switching between Multiple Cameras using Marker Module [2]
e-JMO, No, that seems about right. I've included what you have above and it appears to be working ...
4 years 2 774
Object Recognition - Displaying objects [2]
Brad, Are you thinking that the matched image would entirely overlay the matched object (as in you ...
3 years 3 775
Error while loading .dll file [2]
Run the cmd console as Admin and try again. STeven....
3 years 3 777
Problem API Execute loading CScript [3]
Rud, Looks like there were two problems with quotation. One was in the API that you are including. ...
5 years 3 778

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