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Saving AVI [7]
Thanks for the follow up! Yes, there are many ways to solve this project which is both a good and bad thing! I would imagine tha...
2 years 7 672
opening error [10]
Roland, If this is still an issue, can you download the latest and post that error message again? W...
4 years 12 672
opening error [6]
Roland, Thanks for the detailed sequence. That's what we figured you were doing but could not repl...
4 years 12 672
opening error [8]
Roland, That was "new test.robo" which is what you called the file that you saved. I included it ...
4 years 12 672
opening error [12]
There does seem to be a strange configuration on your machine that we are not able to replicate. For some reason spaces are not ...
4 years 12 672
Saving AVI [2]
Steve, I think you were on the right direction. The pipeline is essentially in a while loop process...
2 years 7 672
opening error [4]
Roland, Just confirming, this is the robofile with all the keyboard reads in it right? It appears t...
4 years 12 672
opening error [2]
Roland, Can you post that corrected file so that we can try the same thing?
4 years 12 672
Cannot change Color Format for camera [3]
Marco, Not much choice on this since its the first we've come across this issue when changing the ...
4 years 3 673
Drawing a heat map [2]
Daniel, Assuming that you have a sensor that you can swipe across an area pixel bypixel you could r...
3 years 3 675
Network Camera [3]
Hoejin, Can you place that camera online for us to access? STeven....
4 years 2 675
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture) [2]
Color is an obvious test ... see attached. STeven.
3 years 2 676
Error while loading .dll file [2]
Run the cmd console as Admin and try again. STeven....
2 years 3 678
detection and count of parked car [2]
Quentin, What I would try is to instead detect the presence of the ground instead of a car ... and ...
4 years 2 678
Academic License Purchasing [3]
Zati, Yes, we can. Please use our contact form and send us your email, name and physical address. W...
4 years 2 679
FRC lisense not allowing access to download update [3]
Michael, Its possible that one of you other team members may have reregistered under that coupon an...
4 years 2 679
Toshiba Encore 2 8" tablet [5]
Eddy, Thanks for the update! Yes, that seems quite good for $150! Bet they will sell out quickly. <...
3 years 5 680
Toshiba Encore 2 8" tablet [2]
Eddy, The specs are fine. Better than many of the netbooks that we currently run RR on ... so I wou...
3 years 5 680
getVariables error [4]
Padraig, The assumption you are making are that the values are integers. RoboRealm variables are lo...
3 years 4 682
getVariables error [2]
Padraig, The result is as expected. Within the RR scripting modules the GetVariable really means Ge...
3 years 4 682

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