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color detection program [2]
The first step is to get an image of all 3 chips from the point of view of the camera. Most likely all you need is the RGB Filte...
4 years 2 802
FRC Tracking 2013 [4]
Also, just a point after seeing those images, it may be worthwhile to stick the tape a little tighter than what you have it. I r...
5 years 4 803
FRC Tracking 2013 [3]
Roberto, That's already in the VBScript and is required in order to determine the distance. See th...
5 years 4 803
Faceless Function [4]
Bob, There was a mistake in the RR_COM_DLL activeX object that interfaces with VB. The actual routi...
3 years 4 809
Variable control for sobel edge detection [3]
Dawson, You can probably use the normalization module after the low setting sobel to get the values...
5 years 2 811
Object detection, recognition and counting on measurement basis [2]
Yes, most of what you are asking about is possible depending on which module is used. To answer your concerns more specifically ...
4 years 2 812
VB script help needed [3]
Aman, I'm assuming that you are using a stationary camera NOT attached to the boom otherwise you a...
5 years 2 817
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR? [2]
Jeremy, Let's backup for a minute since while this is possible to do I'm not sure why one would. I ...
3 years 5 817
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR? [4]
Jeremy, I'm not sure if this does what you need but in the Average module
3 years 5 817
Detect whether camera is present? [2]
Thomas, There is a CAMERA_NAME and CAMERA_PATH variable that gets set when a camera is active. You ...
4 years 3 819
Barcode reader [2]
Olaf, You probably just have the Personal version of RR. The barcode is considered a commercial fea...
2 years 2 819
Target Variable Meanings [3]
James, We'll look into that but before we do could you post the robofile that you are using and a ...
5 years 4 820
leapmotion sensor ? [2]
Fabrice, Just launched: ...
4 years 2 822
Cannot start Roborealm [7]
Roland, Glad that worked out. Specifically you were probably missing the Visual C runtime libraries...
5 years 7 825
Cannot start Roborealm [5]
Roland, Thanks! That makes sense. It seems that those files are needed specifically in a vanilla XP...
5 years 7 825
how to link C++ program and telnet program? [2]
You should have a look at the API and the example downloads that show how to do what you ask in many computer languages. Pick on...
5 years 2 825
Constant Variable [2]
Daniel, In most modules you can just type in a number as a constant. If, however, you are looking t...
2 years 2 825
Cannot start Roborealm [2]
Roland, That looks like a corrupted file. You can quickly try to start RR while holding down the CT...
5 years 7 825
Vex and Roborealm [3]
Jt, What you are asking for is an involved process that is very difficult to do over email. As a be...
6 years 2 827
Test Receive [2]
Roland, The receive sequence needs to have some sort of character to know when the sequence ends. T...
5 years 2 827

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