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Dynamically displaying an image into a current image [2]
Vince, Once you have the filename that you want to display you can set that into a variable (lets c...
3 years 4 696
School project [3]
Given those items I'd take a quick look at Makey ...
4 years 2 696
If a Different Object Recognized= Different Robot Action [4]
William, You are on the right track. If you add the Sparkfun_Arduino module and select that Rotate_...
1 year 4 696
Distribution Client check if connected? [2]
4 years 2 697
Auto start roborealm [2]
You have a couple options: 1. As admin click on Options Button->Startup Tab->[] Startup RR on...
2 years 2 697
Using variables in Colorize module [2]
Yes, just enter in something like [my_variable] into that field and s...
2 years 2 698
Constant Variable [2]
Daniel, In most modules you can just type in a number as a constant. If, however, you are looking t...
1 year 2 698
line [4]
Ok, thanks for the clarification, it pays to be very specific when asking questions. Perhaps the following will give you an exam...
2 years 4 699
line [2]
Fernando, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. If you had an example image that might be easier t...
2 years 4 699
VB script help needed [3]
Aman, I'm assuming that you are using a stationary camera NOT attached to the boom otherwise you a...
4 years 2 701
Copy Cut and Paste [2]
While not perfect, you can select a module, press CTRL-C and then jump to a different tab, or instance and press CTRL-V which wi...
3 years 2 702
Calculating distance between two blob COGs [2]
Yes, in most modules you can use COG_X:0 COG_X:1 COG_X:2 ...
3 years 2 703
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB [2]
As mentioned in the other post, have a look at ...
4 years 2 706
Detect whether camera is present? [2]
Thomas, There is a CAMERA_NAME and CAMERA_PATH variable that gets set when a camera is active. You ...
3 years 3 707
Blobs [2]
John, There are quite a few filters available ... and more being created all the time as we come ac...
2 years 4 709
camera choice [2]
Roland, Yes, the auto-focus can be disabled and manually set. We've used this camera and the next r...
3 years 2 709
Is this possible? Image Data base compairison? Live Video? [2]
Jason, Not sure if this is still relevant, but yes, this is possible. If you refer to
1 year 2 712
Switching between Multiple Cameras using Marker Module [2]
e-JMO, No, that seems about right. I've included what you have above and it appears to be working ...
3 years 2 712
how to detect knurling defects [2]
Alberto, One best way to accomplish this is using the FFT module
1 year 5 714
Streaming Webcam to Roborealm [2]
J., 1. Yes, and no. As there are a couple ways to do this. If you remain in the RR ecosystem, that\...
4 years 6 715

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