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Streaming Webcam to Roborealm [5]
J. When you type that you end up with a MexFunction.mexw64 When you run the test.m file it is looki...
4 years 6 715
Object Recognition - Displaying objects [2]
Brad, Are you thinking that the matched image would entirely overlay the matched object (as in you ...
2 years 3 718
Variable control for sobel edge detection [3]
Dawson, You can probably use the normalization module after the low setting sobel to get the values...
4 years 2 720
Plugin Samsung Galaxy SII / Tab [3]
Christophe, This should be possible. What app are you using to create the phone as an IP camera? "...
4 years 2 721
Sending Variables from Roborealm to Labview Using NetworkTables [2]
Jake, first make sure that you have all the most recent updates on both RR and the Network tables. ...
4 years 2 721
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [2]
Jeremy, That means that the drivers have installed correctly but just not getting any image data fr...
2 years 12 722
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [11]
John & Jeremy Please ignore any mention of the Activate VCcam checkbox in the Other tab. This was o...
2 years 12 722
FRC 2013 Double Tracking [3]
Assuming you have two techniques where one detects the target and the other the pyramid, you can trigger the detection of those ...
4 years 2 722
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [8]
Jeremy, Now I'm a bit confused ... is that screenshot from the version you are using?
2 years 12 722
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [7]
John, The blue square indicates a permission problem with sending the image from RoboRealm to the V...
2 years 12 722
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [4]
Jeremy, As long as you used the button in the Virtual Camera tab to install the drivers it would ha...
2 years 12 722
license [2]
Roland, That should not happen. The non-trial download will always execute otherwise it will provid...
3 years 5 725
Object detection, recognition and counting on measurement basis [2]
Yes, most of what you are asking about is possible depending on which module is used. To answer your concerns more specifically ...
3 years 2 725
HSV and HLS [4]
Opps, you are correct! They were using the same interface (but handling the conversion differently). That's corrected in the lat...
2 years 4 725
license [4]
Roland, Was this directly downloaded from the site or copied from another computer? Apparently this...
3 years 5 725
HSV and HLS [2]
They are very similar but not exactly the same. H (hue) is the same but S (saturation) is a bit different as well as L (lighting...
2 years 4 725
Cannot start Roborealm [2]
Roland, That looks like a corrupted file. You can quickly try to start RR while holding down the CT...
4 years 7 726
Cannot start Roborealm [7]
Roland, Glad that worked out. Specifically you were probably missing the Visual C runtime libraries...
4 years 7 726
Cannot start Roborealm [5]
Roland, Thanks! That makes sense. It seems that those files are needed specifically in a vanilla XP...
4 years 7 726
camera recognition [2]
a) In order to measure the actual camera FPS you need to untoggle the Run button such that no modules are running. What happens ...
3 years 2 730

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