Hip Fracture Detection using x-ray images
Thilina Gunawardane from Sri Lanka  [1 posts]
9 years
Im a undergraduate student  in software engineering. I'm  doing a medical image processing project for For my Final yr project. Its Scope is to identify Fracture in the Femur (Thigh Bone) .

Im still in early stage of development. Im using using MATLAB  as a tool to develop this system. And Im also beginner at MATLAB programming.

I would like to know a good approach and guidence to solve this problem.

Thanks a lot for your time.

David Chik from Japan  [31 posts] 9 years
Obviously, we need to compare an injured bone with a normal bone in order to know what is a fracture.

Also, need to try out different filters (edge, etc.) to see which way can maximize the difference between normal and injured.

If you can find such set of filters, you can then train some images with matching modules with e.g. shape method, and see the performance.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 9 years
Fracture? You may want to annotate your image to show what part you are talking about. Xray images are uniquely hard in that the features are not sharp like edges which makes them hard to process and detect anomalies.

You'll need a database of good and bad images to test on so first start by gathering those images as it can take a while to get good images to work with. Then try to start understanding what features can be used to indicate a fracture versus a good connection. As noted, its hard for us to understand what is the fracture versus not without having some instruction as to what constitutes a fracture.

Have you done some research on similar systems? This is not a new topic and is probably covered extensively in various paper/journals. If you've not already gotten at least 5 other papers that do similar things I'd recommend spending some time online searching and reading.


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