Error Message connecting to SmartDashboard
Albert Drewke from United States  [1 posts]
3 months
I have a problem where I am getting the error message shown in the attached image. Do you know what this error is? If you do how can it be fixed. I am attempting to send the COG X and Y coordinates to SmartDashboard. The IP is the RoboRio's.  

Steven Gentner from United States  [1370 posts] 3 months

It does not seem like you are actually communicating with a network table server. Port 22? That's a strange port to run the network server on. Perhaps you should check that this is the right port.

The error message basically means it doesn't understand what the server is sending back to it ... it its not a network server than that's why.

Port 22 is normally used for secure shell or sftp. I doubt that's the right port.


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