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Avoids Border [3]
Steve, If that is the actual image that is resulting it would not be filtered based on touching th...
6 years 3 843
line [4]
Ok, thanks for the clarification, it pays to be very specific when asking questions. Perhaps the following will give you an exam...
3 years 4 849
line [2]
Fernando, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. If you had an example image that might be easier t...
3 years 4 849
Keyboard send/read bug? [2]
Tommy, This has been corrected in the latest version. Thanks for your note!
4 years 3 850
Confidence Value [2]
Joe, The bit setting of 1 would toggle the relay quite frequently as the number changes. I would ex...
3 years 2 853
Saving AVI [7]
Thanks for the follow up! Yes, there are many ways to solve this project which is both a good and bad thing! I would imagine tha...
3 years 7 855
Saving AVI [2]
Steve, I think you were on the right direction. The pipeline is essentially in a while loop process...
3 years 7 855
AVM navigator and APM 2.5 [4]
Yes, that is certainly possible. The AVM module creates those variables with the expectation of another module using those value...
3 years 5 858
Fanuc robot [2]
Hi, No, there isn't any way to our knowledge of how to connect to a Fanuc robot. We are looking for...
3 years 4 859
how to read I2C data in roborealm [2]
Its possible that a Maestro might work ... but you might be better off getting a small MCU that can talk i2c and you can script ...
2 years 2 859
banknote recognition [4]
Doria, Given the enormous amount of currencies in the world this is not really a small project but ...
3 years 4 860
where to paste the RR_API.lisp code in leaf code. [3]
Not sure, perhaps you should post that question to the RSSC yahoo group. I'm sure they will be able to better answer that quest...
6 years 2 860
banknote recognition [2]
Doria, There are many ways to accomplish this that will depend on the environment/context of how th...
3 years 4 860
FRC Camera Client Receives Error When Sending Parameters [6]
That one line should do it ... lower down they explain what this does and instead use 1181 which is different from the default o...
1 year 8 867
What robots did you start out using? [2]
Nancy, Typically its recommended that most folks start out with a kit as that helps you avoid the c...
5 years 2 869
VBS [2]
WScript isn't exactly VBScript. Try Dim objShell Set objShell = Creat...
3 years 3 871
HSV and HLS [2]
They are very similar but not exactly the same. H (hue) is the same but S (saturation) is a bit different as well as L (lighting...
3 years 4 877
HSV and HLS [4]
Opps, you are correct! They were using the same interface (but handling the conversion differently). That's corrected in the lat...
3 years 4 877
AmScope mu1000 camera [2]
Typically if you don't already see the camera on the list in Options->Video tab after installing the drivers you'll need to...
5 years 2 879
Multiple Measurements [2]
Alan, Yes, this is a common use of the application. In your case, the first module will align the i...
2 years 2 881

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