FRC 2013 Classmate Running Roborealm with Kinect Issues
Kyle Fischer from United States  [8 posts]
6 years
Hello, I trying to get the kinect to run with Roborealm on our 2010 classmate laptop provided via FIRST. We can't get the kinect to be detected in roborealm. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers many times with no success. I went through the tutorial provided but that also had no luck after many attempts. If anyone knows how to get to run or any possible thing I am doing wrong please let me know.
-Kyle Fischer
Team 3559
Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 6 years

I'd highly recommend getting something with a bit more power than the Classmate in order to interface the Kinect to it.

... but given that this may not be possible, what does your Control Panel -> Device Manager show in terms of installed modules? You should see a libusb-win32 devices section that has the Kinect drivers under it.

You should also look out for the Microsoft Kinect drivers that tend to auto-install. RoboRealm CANNOT and will not use the MS drivers (its a licensing thing) so you'd need to be sure those are not present in order for the libusb drivers to activate ... i.e. the MS drivers will stop the libusb drivers from working.

To be honest, we've never tried to get that running on the classmate .. if you continue to have issues we can look into testing that in the next couple of days.

Kyle Fischer from United States  [8 posts] 6 years
I uninstalled the default drivers and it worked. I had to disable the wifi chip to prevent driver installation and had to uninstall/restart classmate about 5 times to get all of them out of the system.

You mentioned using a different laptop. We are planning on putting in on our laptop and have it sending out the data to our driverstation as well as our cRIO. We are worried about our bandwidth limit and we plan on using two cameras (the kinect for image tracking and an axis for image) so we are afraid that we might hit the limit. Do you have a solution that would have more power and still be under our 400 dollar limit?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 6 years

Glad you figured it out. The Kinect drivers do take some convincing sometimes to take. Hopefully that solution sticks.

If you take a quick read through


we go over various issues that you are concerned with. And, yes, there are many options for laptops under the $400 limit that are significantly more powerful than the classmate. We have a couple links in that tutorial.


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