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Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [4]
Andy, You are changing the dip switches to the correct configuration right? The RC mode will not wo...
9 year 11 3737
Area of Multiple Blobs [2]
Juan, It will depend on which module you use. For example, if you use the Geometric_Statistics and ...
9 year 6 2509
Defect Rubber [2]
Giuseppe, First off it looks like the focus on those images is a bit off. You may want to tweak the...
8 year 6 3239
Save Image Problem (using C# and DLL) [2]
Hi, Go ahead and download the latest version that will fix this issue. The current version is tied ...
7 year 4 2130
FRC 2013 Classmate Running Roborealm with Kinect Issues [5]
Kyle, Glad you figured it out. The Kinect drivers do take some convincing sometimes to take. Hopefu...
11 year 4 2044
How to make the connection with the automat [3]
See if the attached gets you closer to what you want. STeven....
11 year 3 3294
Saving images [4]
Annika, Thanks for the images. I noticed 2 issues in the robofile: 1. ...
11 year 4 3159
Not a JPEG error when using read_HTTP module [15]
Darathian, Thanks for the test. Those variables (and others like it) have been corrected and should...
9 year 21 3264
navigation by computer vision [22]
You would have to use different parts of the detected road to determine different factors. For example, you would look at the mi...
8 year 27 5098
Servo AX dynamixel is not moving [2]
Nurul, There are a couple mistakes in the script that you included. I think there might be some con...
8 year 2 2476
Hardware interface [2]
Since PLC devices are custom programmed, there isn't a standard communications protocol that has come up often. Typically one us...
5 year 3 2471
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [7]
Amar, sorry, we didn't see your XML post since it was so large it failed to alert us of your post. ...
2 year 11 1995
Sparki: Accelerometer does not name a type [4]
Not sure what's going on ... the right file is in that zip. I've included just the .h file below...
10 year 6 3263
camera recognition [2]
a) In order to measure the actual camera FPS you need to untoggle the Run button such that no modules are running. What happens ...
9 year 2 1760
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [6]
Its possible then that the wiring of the USB cable to the Sabertooth might not be working. Another test you can try is to hook i...
9 year 11 3737
Area of Multiple Blobs [4]
"select individual blobs" checkbox....
9 year 6 2509
Detecting Thick Line Intersections [2]
Not yet your final results, but the attached robofile (jpg result included too) can be used to find the actual roads (green colo...
8 year 5 2449
Save Image Problem (using C# and DLL) [4]
Please check your download link ... I just sent you an email explaining that you probably used the wrong one.
7 year 4 2130
PCTx and ROBOReal [2]
It used to be able to work with the PCTx device but if there is a newer version out it will most likely NOT work as the communic...
5 year 2 1773
Vex and Roborealm [3]
Jt, What you are asking for is an involved process that is very difficult to do over email. As a be...
11 year 2 1794

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