How to make the connection with the automat
De Boissezon from France  [2 posts]
11 year

I'm actualy working in a university to make the implantation of the vision in the robotic laboratory.

i'm working on a transfer line which have to sort different kind of blocs.

i would like to make an aplication were i can sort three kind of blocs. gray one (in metal), orange and yellow in wood. So the program in the software have to say :
-I see a yelow bloc so the bloc go on the way 1
-I see an orange bloc so the bloc go on the way 2
-I see a gray bloc so the bloc go on the way 3

my questions are :

how to make different analysis in the same time? i mean how make a program who will be able to analyse 3 different color and not just 2?

and how do we make the link between the program and the automat?

i've try to answer those question all this day. if you know the right documentation which can solve my problem it will be enought for me ;)

I wish i was enoughly clear and by the way wish you a good day to.


PS: i've put a photo of the 3 blocs if it's usefull...

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year
See if the attached gets you closer to what you want.

Anonymous 11 year
Thank you for this so fast answer.

now i have to understand how to make the link with my automate (but this is a more physical problem i think)

thanks for this program

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