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Display text in color? [3]
Petr, In the latest version 2.47.15 you can type in [text_color]
11 year 2 2647
Trival Error [3]
Rud, Thanks for the tip! STeven....
11 year 2 2531
API Execute Problem [9]
We added the 16:9 formats to the Mosaic module ... but you can also just type in the sizes too. The listed formats are just a sh...
11 year 9 2915
AVM Navigator new update bug [3]
Wongfeirang, Sorry for the delay in responding to this. We were checking previous RR versions (by a...
9 year 6 2504
RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [3]
Another: Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro - ...
7 year 7 3293
VB Script Module [2]
Untested and unsure if this is what you need but this might get you a bit further. Just add a VBScript module, stick the followi...
5 year 3 1860
opening error [10]
Roland, If this is still an issue, can you download the latest and post that error message again? W...
10 year 12 1939
Face detection [5]
Yes, typically for these types of applications you need training samples (and some testing too) such that the learning algorithm...
10 year 7 3242
traffic light detection [3]
David, Attached is the updated robofile. The RGB filter module also needed an update.
9 year 9 3820
RoboRealm Crash [6]
Yes, we got them this time. Seems to have been a minor issue with the Kiosk tab. That has been fixe...
7 year 7 2060
Display charts in kiosk mode without options [2]
That module creates a CHART_VARIABLE image that can be displayed using the Display Image module in the main RR interface. I thin...
5 year 2 1721
Writing to Clipboard [4]
Pinpres, A radio button selection has been added to the Write_Variables module to allow for writing...
10 year 4 2644
Face detection [6]
Images attached.
10 year 7 3242
Actuators [2]
Eric, As RoboRealm runs on a PC you will most likely need something inbetween the PC and the final ...
9 year 2 1673
How to make this, please help [4]
Egido, You can use an erode module to remove thin or unwanted objects prior to the color sample.
8 year 4 2461
RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [5]
No argument there! Yea, the PI is probably one of the cheapest ... perhaps the $9 CHIP would be cheaper? Would still need to use...
7 year 7 3293
RoboRealm [5]
You mean something like the attached robofile? Contaminants are outlined in red. STeven....
11 year 4 2966
Target Localization Module? [8]
David, which LEDs did you order? Seems like you'll have a good setup for the TL module. To all tho...
11 year 11 2615
Basler Camera [3]
Pete, We'd like to verify that there isn't something in DirectX that we are missing that this cam...
10 year 3 2205
Labview Network Tables [2]
Where are you running the network tables? I.e. where is the server? Its most likely that RR is not connecting to the server corr...
10 year 2 2044

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