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Embedded PC [3]
Dawson, Coping the exe over to the embedded PC and trying to run it is worth a try. If that does no...
11 year 10 2286
Switch on/off Serial Module [4]
John, I think you need a single \\ in the receive sequence as in \\[C...
11 year 4 2000
No sensor reading from Roomba with ser2net [2]
Reinhold, So it appears that reading from the device no longer works? Did this happen after you up...
9 year 2 1634
Laser 3D scanner for crop using RR [2]
Aman, In theory you are correct. Using a visible line laser and a camera at a different angle than ...
8 year 2 2689
Unable to Add RoboRealm.dll to C# project [2]
JHao, You don't add the dll to the project like you would in C++. Instead, you need to use it via t...
7 year 2 2204
Help with Roomba Program [2]
Most likely it will *not* work. The original module was written for a much older Roomba model which has probably been upgraded q...
5 year 2 1809
No, your battery is probably ok. What happens when you unplug the laptop is that your computer goes into power saving mode. You ...
11 year 2 1628
pololu servo control via xbee [10]
Sparky-marc, I did try the pololu mode and it didn't seem to work. Most likely the baud rate wasn\...
11 year 11 4199
Perspective projection module in roborealm [2]
Vince, Taking a step back, are you asking for a technique to determine the correct path in an image...
10 year 3 1623
Sparki: Accelerometer does not name a type [2]
Chuck, Can you check the C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SparkiDuino\\hardwa...
10 year 6 3263
shape matching [4]
Ivan, Download the latest version. There was a problem when the Rotational Invariance checkbox was ...
9 year 4 2807
WaitVariable - how to use it [12]
Kresimir, It should be all done in a single pass unless there is a tracking option enabled.
9 year 15 7425
Tabs [4]
Bob, We don't recommend loading robofiles per inspection item due to the time it takes to load new ...
8 year 4 2518
RR Unstable During Tab Calls [2]
JHao, Can you share the robofile with us too? There doesn't appear to be any issues with the code y...
7 year 6 2516
rr.SetCOMType(1) [2]
Bob, when switching to the DLL you will NOT see any communication in the RoboRealm app anymore. The...
5 year 2 1874
decimal mark changed? [3]
Numu, That's based on the Locale information as specified by your windows OS. To change that go to...
11 year 3 2251
Network Tables [3]
Matt, If you've not already update RR to the latest version as a lot of NT change were made in the...
11 year 2 1592
Output C/C++ [4]
Grant, Just to clarify: 1. Automatically create a source C/C++ file th...
11 year 4 1935
variable control feature [2]
Dawson, Yes, this is possible. Use a [variable] in the Call module and assign the tab name to that ...
10 year 3 2924
how to use gpu for accelerate the recognition process [5]
The object recognition module does utilize multiple CPU's if you have them. Thus you will notice a speedup if you add more CPUs....
9 year 4 2334

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