variable control feature
Dawson from Malaysia  [173 posts]
8 years
Hi STeven,

I would like to suggest for the call module to have a variable control feature. For example the main program makes a call to a tab. The called tab runs for several frames until a condition is meet. Only then does the main program get back control for the new frame. For example my main program tracks an object. When tracking is lost it calls the detection program. The detection program only gives back control to the main program when it has a fix on a new object. Is this possible?
Steven from United States  [1436 posts] 8 years

Yes, this is possible. Use a [variable] in the Call module and assign the tab name to that variable which would probably be "detect" to begin with (use the Set_Variable with the once checkbox). When that tab detects an object it should change the variable to "track" assuming that you have a "track" tab. When the "track" tab loses the object it would rename that variable back to "detect".

Make sense?

Dawson from Malaysia  [173 posts] 8 years
Hi STeven,

Great idea. Thanks.

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