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Tracck eye with arduino [3]
Sav, While we know about the CMUCam we've not worked with it directly. Unless you are sending back...
11 year 2 1673
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [4]
Steve, Sounds good. I'll explain a bit more: The parens in
11 year 17 3533
Memory usage is increasing over time by switching cameras [2]
Hi, Thanks for the note. It seems that the memory used by DirectX was not being freed correctly. We...
10 year 6 2234
Time with no camera [4]
CLOCK_TIME now available in the latest version. STeven....
9 year 8 2379
Pothole detect [3]
Farid, While it may be possible to classify 'potholes' using just vision alone it will take 1000's ...
8 year 11 3723
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [11]
Amar, Double check the actual camera speed by unchecking the Run button to ensure you are not runni...
2 year 11 1994
FRC lisense not allowing access to download update [3]
Michael, Its possible that one of you other team members may have reregistered under that coupon an...
11 year 2 1830
Serial Communication [2]
Just following up on this ... it should be resolved. The problem was caused by allowing \\0 to be included in a message as many ...
10 year 2 3286
PS3 Eye frame rate [4]
Again, its not the camera. Most likely you are running at a lower resolution on the built in webcam or something about the image...
9 year 6 2313
Block Detection [2]
William, There isn't a way to detect squares like the Circles module does. Its a basic difference b...
8 year 4 1730
RR Unstable During Tab Calls [4]
JHao, Unfortunately neither of those reasons will cause a lockup. If a variable does not exist and ...
7 year 6 2516
Xbee with Arduino [9]
Techdetect, It seems that you are well on your way to the right solution ... you just need a tidbit...
11 year 10 3733
how to link C++ program and telnet program? [2]
You should have a look at the API and the example downloads that show how to do what you ask in many computer languages. Pick on...
11 year 2 1884
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [6]
Steve, Sounds good. Just to give you another option that you might be more familiar with, you menti...
11 year 17 3533
Shape Match Confidence [10]
Jeff, You can always add more 7's to the database. It will not confuse the matching unless one of ...
10 year 10 3444
Time with no camera [6]
Roland, The format used is the number of seconds since Sept 2001 (or some other date depending on y...
9 year 8 2379
Kinect [2]
Robert, For folks that have issue with getting the Kinect to work directly with the MS Kinect modul...
10 year 4 2160
PS3 Eye frame rate [6]
On just about any machine the fps can easily slip between 27 and 29 depending on what other applications are active. Running the...
9 year 6 2313
Blob Location [2]
Steve, Probably the most convienent way is to use the Blob Filter module and select the Create Blob...
5 year 2 1671
Write variables [2]
Daan, This is certainly possible. If you use the Geometric Statistics module that will create an ar...
10 year 2 2638

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