Robert from Ireland  [6 posts]
10 year
I have been trying to interface RR with a Windows Kinect for some time without any success, tried your original tutorial and several fixes that were mentioned in the forum but still get the "unable to detect Kinect sensor" error. Just wondering if you had any suggestions before I  opt out of using the Kinect in my application. Any information or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

For folks that have issue with getting the Kinect to work directly with the MS Kinect module we typically recommend instead to upgrade to the OpenNI2 module by uninstalling the libusb and instead installing the OpenNI platform. This platform uses the Microsoft Kinect Drivers that the OS attempts to install automatically and thus are easier to work with.


Note that there is an OpenNI and OpenNI2 modules ... use the 2 version as that's the latest.

Giedrius from Lithuania  [2 posts] 10 year

The link provided in openNI kinect  

(OpenNI Packages->Stable->PrimeSense Package for Windows x32 )

does now work anymore. According to these instructions I couldn't find anything similar so I tried to install the 32 bit SDK (my system is 64 bit).
After that I tried to download and install the Kinect Cont: Tried 32 and 64 bit but both installations failed.

How can I use my Microsoft Kinect for Windows with your application?

Kind regards,
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year
Try the OpenNI2 module within RR. You'll need to download the OpenNI packages too ... which I think are doing to be removed from openni.org soon!



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