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FIRST FRC 2013 "Visual Targeting" Tutorial adapted for Kinect [3]
Most likely what is happening is that nothing within the Kinect's view is being understood as a rectangle which would remove th...
11 year 2 1868
AX-12a ball picker [9]
What dll file are you referring to? STeven....
11 year 8 2156
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [2]
Steve, I assume you saw the SPIN code at ...
11 year 17 3533
PS3 Eye frame rate [2]
Any module requires CPU time ... the more CPU time (ie the more complex a module) the slower the effective fps will be. The syst...
9 year 6 2313
Saving AVI [2]
Steve, I think you were on the right direction. The pipeline is essentially in a while loop process...
8 year 7 2831
Roborealm on Raspberry PI [2]
Nope. Please see http://www.roboreal...
8 year 2 2715
camera problem [3]
Sanesh, You probably want to use the Marker module to save the current image (for later reference) ...
11 year 2 2895
NXT isn't receiving messages [6]
We just verified that this is working just fine at least on the most recent version of RoboRealm. What version are you all using...
11 year 5 2774
Time with no camera [2]
Do you need more resolution than seconds? We can add a CLOCK_TIME variable if that's the case. STev...
9 year 8 2380
2D tracking [4]
Perhaps http://www.r...
9 year 4 2136
cScript [2]
I'm assuming you are using the Path_Planning module, as one of the outputs you have PLAN_ORIENTATION which is the direction/angl...
8 year 2 2063
Face detection [5]
Kamlesh, If you download the latest version we've added in a beta version of a face detection modu...
11 year 4 4251
Serial module is not communicating [5]
Petr, We typically don't reply back if we have nothing to add .. which is the case here. I've no ...
11 year 4 2208
Detecting deformed rings [2]
Victor, Yes, there are a couple ways to do this. Can you post an image that we can play with?
10 year 5 3013
2D code read [2]
Mateusz, We've updated the module to create DATAMATRIX_X_COORD
9 year 4 2121
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [9]
Its possible then that the wiring of the USB cable to the Sabertooth might not be working. Another test you can try is to hook i...
9 year 11 3737
SetImage [2]
The first param in SetImage is the marker name ... i.e. the name of the image. Unless you use 'source' like you did on the GetIm...
9 year 17 2732
How to use minoru? [10]
senz3d would be better than stereo. Most projective systems are better than stereo which will suffer from lack of texture. Keep ...
8 year 12 3425
problem in sprkfun_mega module [5]
Nithy, We were able to verify the problem but since the fix we cannot replicate the issue in either...
7 year 7 1892
VBScript floats decimal mark [2]
T., That is ultimately taken from Windows Button->Control Panel-&g...
7 year 3 2176

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