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Recognizing angle of blob depends on x line of camera [13]
Marek, What you have looks good. I think the other VVVV examples were using Modbus UDP instead of s...
9 year 13 3646
Isolating Targets [2]
Carter, 8 numbers = 4 points (x and y) = 1 BFR entry. The numbers are for the 4 corners of the poly...
8 year 5 2259
FRC 2013 Classmate Running Roborealm with Kinect Issues [3]
Kyle, I'd highly recommend getting something with a bit more power than the Classmate in order to ...
11 year 4 2044
Switching cameras [2]
Rather than fix it in hardware just select one camera using the main Camera button and Options Video tab, and then use the Marke...
11 year 2 1845
about the RPLIDAR [4]
Fred, That's great! Are they ready for shipment? Can we get our hands on one?
9 year 4 2492
Edge Detection for laser trimming [3]
Michael, You must be a cat person? Yes, something along those lines ca...
11 year 2 1713
Crashing [6]
Thanks for the update. It does seem to be an issue with something within windows. Unfortunately we are not seeing that problem o...
11 year 6 1770
loadProgram from Visual Basic [2]
Its likely that the path is not correct ... note that the double \\\\ (which the forum may have added) are C/CSharp syntax so ma...
10 year 2 1638
AVM Navigator new update bug [5]
Yes, we did test using your file. We found the same behaviour all the way back to 2.66 and then stopped. Were you using a versio...
9 year 6 2504
gps devices [6]
Are you sure the device is connect to COM3? Standard Modem over Bluetooth doesn't seem like the right connection since you have ...
8 year 10 2795
Isolating Targets [4]
Carter, Thanks for the confirmation ... what you can do is use the Fill module just before the Blob...
8 year 5 2259
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [2]
Amar, What happens when you try to increase the image dimensions beyond 500 on that interface? Do y...
2 year 11 1995
Detecting feature [3]
Roland, Yes, you can use the black part as an anchor and then detect the light level of the screw r...
11 year 3 2813
Cuda, multicore and 64bit support? [2]
Thanks for your suggestions. RR already does support multiple CPUs in many of the more taxing modules (OCR, Stereo, Object Recog...
10 year 2 1570
xy table [4]
Bill, The software can output this information in many ways. As you would expect, the software is s...
9 year 5 3869
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [11]
John & Jeremy Please ignore any mention of the Activate VCcam checkbox in the Other tab. This was o...
9 year 12 2459
Counting bread [4]
Peter, It will be very difficult to count the individual break loafs since they are not very discre...
8 year 4 1672
Barcode reader [2]
Olaf, You probably just have the Personal version of RR. The barcode is considered a commercial fea...
8 year 2 2384
Center of gravity [4]
1. The COG_X accumulates a value after each pixel is processed. If you are not familiar with programming languages that would ex...
7 year 4 2326
Basler Camera Scan Area Setting [3]
And anything in the Log tab would be helpful too....
2 year 11 1995

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