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Vb script to determine ball in region [2]
James, A couple of If_Statements checking the COG of the object should do it. Note, the specific qu...
7 year 2 2261
RoboRealm Crash [2]
Works fine for us. It might be some particularity with your camera. Did you submit a crash report when restarting RR? We don't s...
7 year 7 2060
3 camera output on single screen [2]
Amardeep, There are several ways to accomplish this. The easiest is to use the Mosaic module which ...
2 year 3 1691
How to rotate compass image? [3]
Petr, You can type in something like [rotation]
11 year 2 3156
Script and image Count [3]
Yes, there is a maximum, it will be a signed 32 bit number or 2,147,483,647. If that is exceeded the number will probably jump n...
11 year 3 2044
Display Line [5]
Try the attached. STeven. ...
11 year 6 3327
Face detection [3]
There have been some studies done on profile detection ... but the techniques used for face detection require a large number of ...
10 year 7 3242
Tracking an object and get it's coordinates [2]
Hi, Perhaps you can explain the context of your project a bit more. There are many ways to track an...
9 year 2 2008
Recognition Barcode and OCR only works if run roborealm as Administrator [2]
Lev, Can I assume: 1. You run RR using right click "Run As Administrat...
9 year 3 2149
Image Compare [2]
Bob, Yea, the image matching is really built for general comparisons .. completely NOT what you are...
8 year 2 2637
RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [2]
Arif, Thanks for the post!! Yes, we've run some basic experiments on the PI in terms of just image ...
7 year 7 3293
Getting a boolean variable for target identification [3]
Toyalima, It partly depends on how you are detecting the target and what variables would get set or...
11 year 2 1844
Fiducial Questions [9]
Rud, We see your images, but could you also post the raw images without any green outlining? The t...
11 year 9 2786
Crashing [4]
Robert, Go ahead and download the most recent version which should take care of the camera error. <...
11 year 6 1770
serial syntax [2]
Roland, The "SS<cr>" is just a dummy example of something that you would want to send to a ...
10 year 3 1771
Capturing probe pins positions on VB6 application [2]
Min, Something like the attached? You will need to test this on MANY more images.
10 year 2 2641
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [8]
Jeremy, Now I'm a bit confused ... is that screenshot from the version you are using?
9 year 12 2459
Image Matching [2]
Bob, Just for completeness ... or in case you are using this for a different function than image co...
8 year 2 1726
Run without GUI [5]
Its possible that something on your machine (perhaps a virus protection system) is preventing the keystrokes from getting to the...
7 year 6 2198
RoboRealm Crash [4]
Azim, Can you try sending them again? It appears they did not make it through. You may want to chec...
7 year 7 2060

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