Perspective projection module in roborealm
Vince Cross from United States  [2 posts]
10 year
I am attempting to draw lines showing the optimal robot path into the scene.  I can manually draw the lines (using the Display_Line module in roborealm) such that they appear as part of the environment however I am not sure on how to do it dynamically through roborealm. The attached images "Integrated arrows.png" and "integrated arrows4.png" are examples of what I am trying to accomplish dynamically.  Whereas "non integrated arrow.jpg" is what I DON"T want to happen.

Doing some searching I believe what I am trying to accomplish can be done through perspective projection.  Is there a module in roborealm that can do this or does someone have any suggestions on the algorithm to implement this in vb or python script.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

Taking a step back, are you asking for a technique to determine the correct path in an image? Or are you just asking for a graphical drawing routine that you supply the orientation/location of the drawn arrow. Note that the former is a significantly hard problem which is still an active area of research and currently requires many more sensors than just vision.

Anonymous 10 year

I am looking at "graphical drawing routine that you supply the orientation/location of the drawn arrow".  We plan on utilizing fiducial markers to understand where the robot is in the environment and to also determine which symbol to display.  The problem I am having is in displaying the symbol into the live video feed such that it looks a part of the scene and not just overlayed.  

For example lets say we recognize a fiducial marker in the scene we would then use the robots distance from the marker and orientation to determine where in the live video feed to display the symbol along with the symbol's orientation.  


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