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Network Tables [9]
You'll need to update the Network Tables module's IP address (last RR module) too for this to work.
7 years 10 1820
Network Tables [11]
Paul, Typically if RoboRealm sees a variable at zero it essentially removes it since the absence of...
7 years 10 1820
Nubotics wheel commander Board [15]
The most recent version should have fixed the fps slowdown. This was due to a read/write timing issue rather than excessive band...
7 years 15 1846
Target Localization Module? [3]
Its not actually in RR just yet. We have the module ready but have delayed its release for a couple reasons.
7 years 11 1809
Target Localization Module? [5]
Can you post a couple (at least 3) images of where the top filter fails along with your current robofile (saved RR config)? We w...
7 years 11 1809
Directional close [3]
Dawson, That's been added to 2.48.22. Give it a try and see if that is what you needed. The result...
7 years 9 1584
FRC 2013 Double Tracking [3]
Assuming you have two techniques where one detects the target and the other the pyramid, you can trigger the detection of those ...
7 years 2 1007
2D barcode [3]
Pete, Is that the resolution that you hope to use? Any chance you can use a higher resolution camer...
7 years 9 2147
Getting a boolean variable for target identification [3]
Toyalima, It partly depends on how you are detecting the target and what variables would get set or...
7 years 2 986
Target Localization Module? [8]
David, which LEDs did you order? Seems like you'll have a good setup for the TL module. To all tho...
7 years 11 1809
FRC 2013 Classmate Running Roborealm with Kinect Issues [3]
Kyle, I'd highly recommend getting something with a bit more power than the Classmate in order to ...
7 years 4 1276
Network Tables [3]
Matt, If you've not already update RR to the latest version as a lot of NT change were made in the...
7 years 2 906
FRC 2013 Classmate Running Roborealm with Kinect Issues [5]
Kyle, Glad you figured it out. The Kinect drivers do take some convincing sometimes to take. Hopefu...
7 years 4 1276
FIRST FRC 2013 "Visual Targeting" Tutorial adapted for Kinect [3]
Most likely what is happening is that nothing within the Kinect's view is being understood as a rectangle which would remove th...
7 years 2 1161
Serial module is not communicating [5]
Petr, We typically don't reply back if we have nothing to add .. which is the case here. I've no ...
7 years 4 1339
FRC lisense not allowing access to download update [3]
Michael, Its possible that one of you other team members may have reregistered under that coupon an...
7 years 2 1034
Using Multiple USB Web Cam in Win XP [5]
What brand of camera are you using? Its not necessarily the application or the OS's fault. Some camera drivers just do not supp...
7 years 4 2293
2D barcode [5]
Pete, Yes! That would work much better. The image posted above is 640x480 which I'm not sure if th...
7 years 9 2147
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard [3]
Hi, Just to be sure, the SDB does have the ability to add a 'Camera' and set that url directly to...
7 years 8 4038
Coroware Corobot module variables [3]
Aniko, Most likely what has happened is that the configuration that was used to create the module i...
7 years 3 1498

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