Eric Meyer from United States  [1 posts]
4 years
I have just begun to explore this program and am trying to confirm that interfacing to machines that require say a 5 TTL or 12V signal ( camera shutter or pulsed laser) is straightforward.  What are the modules/ VB functions that I need to use to perform these operations?  
Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 4 years

As RoboRealm runs on a PC you will most likely need something inbetween the PC and the final object you want to power. I.e. something like a PLC or motor driver can do the job. It will really depend on what the hardware is that you need to trigger. For a lot of TTL type applications a regular Arduino controlled from the PC can be used to trigger a 5V TTL signal. Sometimes instead a device like the U421 is sufficient.

The better question to ask is if RoboRealm has built in ways to integrate with external devices. The answer is yes ... quite a few different ways. That exists in just about every project that we do. So, whether it be for a specific device (of which we have quite a few modules) to the more generic serial, parallel, ethernet, etc. communications you should be covered. If you are not, and have a device that is commonly used, we'll add a module to that for free.

See the Control heading under


to see if any of those suit your needs.


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