Display text in color?
Petr from Czech Republic  [13 posts]
11 year
I’m using „Display text“  and „Display Variables“ module for displaying many important variables on the screen, for example temperature, pressure, voltage, current, fps, etc.

Is possible to add color to the font in both modules and make it changeable by other variable? For example, if some of variables on my screen reach its maximal limit, I like if it will change to red color. If variable gets to its normal working state, I like to change automatically to standard white color again (by some other variable). If you can add also blinking of text, it will be awesome.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year

In the latest version 2.47.15 you can type in


as a variable into both those module's color and font size. Its assumed that the variable text_color would hold a color value. That should allow you to specify the color based on a variable. Note that the dropdown list of colors is supported (black, yellow, green, etc.) or you can specify a hex value #ff00ff or an rgb value as 255,0,0

If you need this in other modules let us know.


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