How to make this, please help
raulegido from Spain  [5 posts]
8 year
Hi everyone.

I´m looking for the best, fastest way to achieve this.

I want to track one moving object within a transparent "grid" or something like that.

I want to give keyboard values for other application each time the object is within each square or defined shape in that "grid"

I want to know if that´s possible.

Also down in the image you can see another variation which i don´t know if it´s possible, is like defining some shapes in a transparent png and each time the object is inside one getting that value and putting it on another program as if i was clicking one specific key.

Thanks a lot in advance

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

Yes, this is possible ... but there are many ways to accomplish this. Do you have a real image that you can share as apposed to a clipart image? The reason for this is there are many ways to identify if an object is in a particular area of the image. This can be as simple as detecting intensity levels (using Color_Sample module) in each area or more advanced color processing or object recognition. It really depends on what the image contains and the expected variations in that image.

When you have the result the Send_Keyboard can be used to send a character to another app and its quite flexible in terms of its configuration.


raulegido from Spain  [5 posts] 8 year
Thanks a lot steven.

Don´t know really if this is how it is supposed to be, But basically i created a color filter and later a grid with sample color.

My question is.

Once done this, how can i reduce the noise of the color (you can see in the image) and how do i set the variables for each time the object is inside each square of the grid?

I would like to set a variable for the speed of the object.

Thanks a lot in advance

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

You can use an erode module to remove thin or unwanted objects prior to the color sample.


Speed of an object? I'm not sure how the image would change in order to indicate speed. We'd have to know more about the context of the project to know how to calculate speed.


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