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Vision Guided Tractor [3]
Bob, What you are asking for will require some environmental changes. Before we even get into the v...
7 years 9 1702
Roborealm With FRC [3]
Are you using SmarDashboard? That can be used to view that values from RoboRealm are being sent to the main network table.
7 years 2 1629
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [4]
Fred, Unfortunately the one we ordered seems to have been lost in the mail. We're waiting for this...
7 years 3 1307
Obstacle Avoidance Laser System [3]
Cherault, Its easier if there is an image that can be used as an example. What you want to do is to...
7 years 2 1983
Multiple clients connected to RoboRealm Server [3]
Paulo, I assume you mean connecting to the API server? The API server is configured to only allow o...
7 years 2 894
auto avi recording [3]
Syfy. See the attached. Its just a matter of setting a variable using the buttons and selecting tha...
7 years 2 1904
Object Recognition [3]
Ralph, Which method are you using in the Object Recognition module? ST...
7 years 3 1631
Nubotics wheel commander Board [4]
Lizardboy, We've update the module to save the serial and baud information but have not yet had a ...
7 years 15 1846
Nubotics wheel commander Board [7]
Please download the latest version. We've upgraded our WC to the latest firmware and found a couple problems which have been fi...
7 years 15 1846
WVC200 image not writing to RR... [3]
Jeff, Typically that means that it is accessing the camera and loading in frames but is unable to d...
7 years 2 951
Code Laboratories Playstation Eye [5]
Dawson, The actual rate is going to depend on many factors. For example, I can get 90 fps but only ...
7 years 4 1213
Nubotics wheel commander Board [10]
Ok, the module has been updated with separate set and get variables which should help to simplify that interface. ...
7 years 15 1846
Joystick control of a relay [3]
John, See the attached. STeven. ...
7 years 2 1791
FRC Tracking 2013 [3]
Roberto, That's already in the VBScript and is required in order to determine the distance. See th...
7 years 4 1039
FRC Tracking 2013 [4]
Also, just a point after seeing those images, it may be worthwhile to stick the tape a little tighter than what you have it. I r...
7 years 4 1039
RoboRealm vs. OpenCV [3]
Vanitha, You have a bit more work to do before deciding on a particular package. The answer to the ...
7 years 2 1360
Boebot control [3]
JW, Do you see the request to send an error report after you restart RR after a crash? Can you allo...
7 years 2 880
Network Tables [4]
Paul, If you are not running the latest version I'd do a quick download and get those updates. The...
7 years 10 1820
Network Tables [5]
Just to be sure ... have a '/' at the start of the variable name....
7 years 10 1820
Network Tables [8]
Paul, The way the NT module within RR works is that it will NOT send out duplicate values. So, if t...
7 years 10 1820

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