Robert from China  [6 posts]
5 years
Hello there,

I have just upgraded to the latest Robo Realm  2.5.42

I'm getting a lot of crashes to the desktop. Sometimes while doing a save or sometimes when opening a module to edit a value.

Running windows xp pro, service pack 3
32 bit os
Steven from United States  [1401 posts] 5 years

We noticed one error from an XP system that appeared to be within Windows. Is there something you can do consistently and get an error? I.e. something we can replicate and get an error?

Anonymous 5 years
Hi there,

I noticed it does it most when trying to open the blob size module.

Also, If I click the run button to stop the program, I get a critical error of " A critical error has occurred while configuring your camera !  Please email contact@roborealm.com with your camera model"

But so far nothing has been consistent but the camera error.
Steven from United States  [1401 posts] 5 years

Go ahead and download the most recent version which should take care of the camera error.

Its also possible that some Visual C files are missing on XP. The current install has been upgraded to check for that and should install if needed.

Anonymous 5 years
Thank you for the new version,

I also purchased a new web cam. the new version fixed the camera error, but I still get the crash when I double click the blob size module.  It however seems to be in windows that the error occurs, as window crash report opens first, then Roborealm when I re-start it.    

The new installation did not mention anything about "C" files missing, but I can say that this windows installation is only 3 months old and may not have everything installed that it needs to have present.   I will keep working on it on my end as it does not seem to be related to RoboRelm.

Thanks for such a wonderful program  :)

Steven from United States  [1401 posts] 5 years
Thanks for the update. It does seem to be an issue with something within windows. Unfortunately we are not seeing that problem on our version of XP. Are you update-to-date on all updates/patches from MS?

Its possible that you have another app that installed the "C" files so that may not have been needed. Its quite common to need those files so many other applications will install them too.


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