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Defect Detection of No. Plate [3]
Attached is one way to do this .. but its probably not what you need. The reason for this is that your test images appear to be ...
4 years 7 1917
Blob_Filter > RightOf/LeftOf [5]
Antoine, I'm assume that the red dot is something that you are drawing?
4 years 7 848
Blob_Filter > RightOf/LeftOf [7]
Antoine, That still doesn't look like the original image or you are getting a very thresholded ima...
4 years 7 848
vision system [3]
Rezk, You can use color to process your attached images. See attached robofile that can be used to ...
4 years 2 1307
Defect Detection of No. Plate [5]
If you have a known good sample, you should be able to use the same technique to detect scratches. Using the OR or Shape module ...
4 years 7 1917
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [13]
While this is possible to do in VBScript, perhaps you can just use ...
4 years 17 2283
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [15]
Yup, that should do it. Keep in mind that the scale is a bit different with regards to that. You need to decide what the min and...
4 years 17 2283
Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions [3]
I think you may have posted in the wrong website ... perhaps posting something on the MSDN site is a better way to go.
4 years 2 582
Target Variable Meanings [3]
James, We'll look into that but before we do could you post the robofile that you are using and a ...
4 years 4 790
Directional close [6]
Dawson, I tried the horizontal close on your image and it appears to do what we expected it to. (se...
4 years 9 1108
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [17]
Christian, As I mentioned before, do NOT use -1 and 1 in the differential module and instead use -1...
4 years 17 2283
Output from RR [4]
Francesco, As everyones project is a little different we don't have code for exactly what you want...
4 years 15 1004
Output from RR [6]
Francesco, If you have #1 working then you can type in the coordinates that the mouse should be at ...
4 years 15 1004
FIRST FRC licence expired on competition day- Help [3]
You may have mistakenly updated it with a trial version instead of the url that you got from the coupon. If you use the site con...
4 years 2 763
Output from RR [9]
The name of the recognized object is place in the OBJECT_NAME variable. Thus if you use LEFT_CLICK as the name of the object ins...
4 years 15 1004
Write Image [3]
Since executing the If Statement only once per signal seems to be a common issue, we've added a "Latch" condition in the If S...
4 years 4 1083
Robo Realm Filter Help [3]
Yes, check out the Marker module ... it will save the current image using a name you provide (in case you need it later) and the...
4 years 3 1074
Output from RR [13]
The saved image I have called her "template." No, call her "Left_Click"
4 years 15 1004
Calculate_distance [3]
You will need to know the pixel to meters factor. I.e. how much distance a pixel represents in the real world. This can be deter...
4 years 4 1906
Calculate_distance [5]
We can't know without access to the physical environment. You would need to actually measure it and use that measurement to cre...
4 years 4 1906

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