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Axis m1013 Compadibility [5]
In theory yes, but again if they do something strange like tunneling then it will not work ... so not guarantee. However, if you...
5 years 7 1411
marble maze [5]
What do you mean by servo driver? I think you are talking about the SSC. Basically PC->serial cable->SCC 32->PWM cable-...
5 years 7 1580
Request for quotation [3]
Varghese, You should have received an email from me with an appropriate email address to send the R...
5 years 2 1230
marble maze [8]
Yes you can! STeven....
5 years 7 1580
To insert a module in the Pipeline [5]
An easier way is to use an IF Statement module around modules that you do or do not want to enable. Based on a variable set in V...
5 years 5 1964
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB [4]
John, You are correct in how you are using those. The VBScript display variables is not as sophisti...
5 years 3 1075
New Robots [3]
Kurt, We did not have any plans to support the Qbo robot (it seems to have just become available). ...
5 years 3 725
Object Recognition with more objects [12]
Guido, If you continue to have issues, post what you have (i.e. your robofile) and we can better un...
5 years 14 2495
SetTimedVariable [4]
We updated the SetTimedVariable documentation with a bit more description. It is essentially a way around using Sleep which shou...
5 years 3 1219
Timer Random [8]
It is always best to post your robofile instead of typing it as text (you can press save button and call it something.robo and t...
5 years 8 1934
VB script help needed [3]
Aman, I'm assuming that you are using a stationary camera NOT attached to the boom otherwise you a...
5 years 2 851
Load Image Error [3]
Rud, It does appear that when the folder checkbox was checked that GIF images were being skipped. T...
5 years 2 1343
write_avi [4]
See the attached which is based on your file. The movement check is for 5 percent so you may decrease that BUT NOT TO ZERO.
5 years 3 1256
Axis Camera FPS [3]
Probably a bit late for this years finals, but we've added in 66ms delay for next year in the latest version.
5 years 2 1491
Auto start Write Image on starting of RR [3]
John, If you exit or save the robofile while it is writing image, it should load back up as running...
5 years 3 1264
Start Pipeline with speech [4]
John, See the attached which uses a quick VBScript module to check the listen results and sets the ...
5 years 3 1389
Visual Programming Language [3]
James, Its not easy but possible to do. Everything you need is included in those examples that you ...
5 years 2 792
Multi object tracking and triggering [3]
Aman, That's to be expected (behaving erradically) since you are using the same variables for all ...
5 years 12 2808
Full screen display text [3]
Dawson, I wouldn't say there is an easy way of doing this but it is certainly possible. Having sai...
5 years 2 1123
Modbus master communication [3]
Hi, There aren't any plans to create a modbus master version ... unless we find that there is enou...
5 years 2 1340

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