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Pete from United States  [56 posts]
10 year
Hi STeven,  I have a Basler camera model piA2400-17gm and having a few issues.  RoboRealm sees the camera in the options pull down-Video tab as "Basler GenlCam Source" with the video selections below grayed out.  If I go back to the main screen and select 'Camera' then back to options the "Video Format" and "Video Capture" are not grayed but am only able to select "Video Capture"  where the camera source properties are then displayed.  BTY, when selecting the camera I do get an image but it is only 320x240.

So back to the Video Capture properties, under AOI controls are the parameters to set the width and height which are grayed out.  I believe the reason for being grayed out is because the camera is in capture mode (displaying an image).  I believe this to be true because when using the Basler pylon camera interface I can't change the resolution if the camera is in continuous capture mode.

I have seen form other posts there are/might be issues using the GigE camera interface.  I seem to be so close to making use of the software as it seems I'm able to capture images but need the full camera resolution of 2456x2058.

If there anything you can suggest?

Pete from United States  [56 posts] 10 year
Hi STeven, a second thought.  Can you recommend a camera with the same or possibly better resolution that will interface with the RoboRealm software.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

We'd like to verify that there isn't something in DirectX that we are missing that this camera provides to set its size. If the button is not activated that's because the camera driver is telling RoboRealm that it is not available.

We've updated that part of RoboRealm to switch off streaming before the button possibility is checked. Can you download the latest version and try again with the camera to see now if the button is enabled?

We also updated the system to activate the camera button when you select a camera from that dropdown list ... as you noted it was causing confusion if the camera button was not pressed.


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