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Nubotics wheel commander Board [10]
Ok, the module has been updated with separate set and get variables which should help to simplify that interface. ...
5 years 15 1472
Blobs: Perimeter/area and blob size [2]
Charles, Yes, that does appear to work. We added that to the Blob  Filter and it seems to...
4 years 2 1467
Depth marker data format [2]
Guenter, Thanks for the note, there was an accidental switch of the width and height being set when...
4 years 2 1466
Serial Module skips/sends/returns wrong data [2]
Ed, We found in the past that communicating with an Arduino can cause issues. That's why the Arduin...
4 years 4 1466
car tracking number [2]
There isn't a specific "track car" module but instead that capability is made up from several modules. The reason is that eac...
5 years 2 1461
Reading an Image exif file [2]
It didn't ... but it does now. If you download the latest version and check Options->Application->Read EXIF checkbox and ...
4 years 5 1461
Object Recognition App [3]
Daniel, First, what parts are you thinking of identifying. The OR module uses a couple different te...
5 years 2 1460
Edge probe issues [12]
Page, The probe reversal was due to the previous issue of the white/black not being in the correct ...
4 years 12 1456
Edge probe issues [8]
Page, The edge is broken into as many units as the Precision parameter specifies. This defaults and...
4 years 12 1456
Edge probe issues [2]
Page, Thanks for the robofile. That helps us understand the confusion.
4 years 12 1456
Edge probe issues [6]
Page, Thanks for the points. The grayed out issue should be solved. I ...
4 years 12 1456
Edge probe issues [10]
Page, We reviewed the issues and made a couple updates that we think might reduce confusion. The ma...
4 years 12 1456
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
6 years 2 1456
Edge probe issues [4]
Page, The CScript array issue should be solved in the latest version 2.62.2 The array type was not ...
4 years 12 1456
Differential_drive module + Continious servo rotations values [2]
The midpoint of 128 is for a non-Arduino SSC (servo controller). Most will use different values than what you need. In the diffe...
5 years 3 1454
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm [2]
Neleena, The Blob Inspection module is only available in the commercial version. While its typicall...
2 years 4 1448
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm [4]
I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at ... yes, the blob inspection is good at determining if a spot is different than whe...
2 years 4 1448
Variables, Auto-Play, Save of Shape-Match Train [2]
Timo. 1. Training Issue - When you train the Shape_Match module, you will see a checkbox in that in...
3 years 7 1446
Variables, Auto-Play, Save of Shape-Match Train [6]
Timo, Your vbscript file is missing two lines at the top: shapes = Get...
3 years 7 1446
Variables, Auto-Play, Save of Shape-Match Train [4]
Timo, Could you attach your robofile (save current pipeline to something.robo) and post it here? It...
3 years 7 1446

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