FRC 2015 - Yellow Tote Angle Measurements
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Using the Visual Targeting tutorial found on http://www.roborealm.com/FRC2015/Visual_Targeting_RGB.php, I have successfully tracked yellow totes using a Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 webcam with a polarized lens over it in order to block out some glare.  However, I would like to take tracking yellow totes a step further and attempt to calculate the angle the robot must align itself in order to pick up the totes. For example, if the robot's camera faces the logo of the yellow tote (any side), RoboRealm should show the angle of contact to be closer to 0 degrees. If the robot's camera faces the reflective tape of the yellow tote (any side), RoboRealm should show the angle of contact to be closer to 90 degrees. As the robot turns from the logo to the reflective tape, the angle measurement should change slowly from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. Attached is a visual image of what I am trying to describe. Also attached are some IRL images of the yellow tote and the .robo file I am currently working with. How would I approach this problem?

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Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year
What you might be able to do is to identify where the front corner is relative to the width of the detected object. That will help you understand which direction to turn the robot ... i.e. turn towards the longer side. You could even use that to  estimate a more exact angle to turn but since there is so much noise in turning you'd be better of just recalculating a left or right turn each time.

First step is to take about 10 images of the tote from the point of view of the robot (i.e. where the camera would be mounted in terms of height) and seeing if you can find a way to uniquely identify that corner point ... see


which might be useful for that.


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