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Media_Reader missing functionality [2]
John, Unfortunately, most of the video codec stuff is in Windows. We've found that if the windows M...
3 years 9 1190
Media_Reader missing functionality [4]
John, Can you confirm that link? I don't see Dashboard Camera referenced or see anywhere to downloa...
3 years 9 1190
car tracking number [2]
There isn't a specific "track car" module but instead that capability is made up from several modules. The reason is that eac...
4 years 2 1190
Tracking Black Objects [4]
I would just detect the gray/black directly (skip the green conversion since that's not really needed) and filter based on the ...
4 years 4 1190
Bug? [5]
Steve, The reason for the slowdown is that the module is attempting to connect with the COM port bu...
3 years 8 1190
Edge probe issues [4]
Page, The CScript array issue should be solved in the latest version 2.62.2 The array type was not ...
3 years 12 1184
Edge probe issues [12]
Page, The probe reversal was due to the previous issue of the white/black not being in the correct ...
3 years 12 1184
Edge probe issues [8]
Page, The edge is broken into as many units as the Precision parameter specifies. This defaults and...
3 years 12 1184
Edge probe issues [2]
Page, Thanks for the robofile. That helps us understand the confusion.
3 years 12 1184
Overlays on multiple camera views [3]
Mai, I'm not sure I understand the question completely, but if you want to display different overl...
4 years 3 1184
Edge probe issues [10]
Page, We reviewed the issues and made a couple updates that we think might reduce confusion. The ma...
3 years 12 1184
Edge probe issues [6]
Page, Thanks for the points. The grayed out issue should be solved. I ...
3 years 12 1184
Reading an Image exif file [2]
It didn't ... but it does now. If you download the latest version and check Options->Application->Read EXIF checkbox and ...
3 years 5 1182
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm [2]
Neleena, The Blob Inspection module is only available in the commercial version. While its typicall...
1 year 4 1182
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm [4]
I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at ... yes, the blob inspection is good at determining if a spot is different than whe...
1 year 4 1182
HTTP module, string variables, JSON parsing... [4]
Carl, I'd probably use the JScript module as that is uses MS's JScript object that comes with IE. S...
2 years 5 1179
HTTP module, string variables, JSON parsing... [2]
Carl, You might be better of just doing that in JScript ... while the HTTP module can be used for t...
2 years 5 1179
NXT isn't receiving messages [3]
Could you post both your NXT and robofile so we can try to replicate? Thanks, STeven....
4 years 5 1177
NXT isn't receiving messages [6]
We just verified that this is working just fine at least on the most recent version of RoboRealm. What version are you all using...
4 years 5 1177
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [2]
Yes, there was an issue with an empty array (such as that created by the OR module) would stop other variables from being sent c...
2 years 11 1176

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