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Audio [3]
You probably need to surround the audio playing with an if statement module and ensure that the latch checkbox is selected. This...
5 years 4 1581
vision system [3]
Rezk, You can use color to process your attached images. See attached robofile that can be used to ...
5 years 2 1578
Serial Communication with arduino [2]
Perhaps you can try reading about the Serial module which is one way of doing this from scratch. The other way would be to use t...
5 years 2 1572
modbus TCP/IP slave problem [2]
Hoejin, Does your PLC support ethernet? That's what the module assumes.
5 years 3 1570
marble maze [8]
Yes you can! STeven....
5 years 7 1569
marble maze [5]
What do you mean by servo driver? I think you are talking about the SSC. Basically PC->serial cable->SCC 32->PWM cable-...
5 years 7 1569
marble maze [3]
Regular hobby servos controlled by a lynxmotion SSC. STeven....
5 years 7 1569
How to use minoru? [6]
Can you press the Save button and type in something.jpg and post that image here? I need the raw images and its very important t...
3 years 12 1567
How to use minoru? [10]
senz3d would be better than stereo. Most projective systems are better than stereo which will suffer from lack of texture. Keep ...
3 years 12 1567
How to use minoru? [4]
Ashira, Can you upload just the two raw unmodified images? We don't need the GUI ... just the actua...
3 years 12 1567
How to use minoru? [13]
Very nice! That's much more precise that what I thought you could get using that system. Well done!
3 years 12 1567
How to use minoru? [2]
Ashira, As I just mentioned in ...
3 years 12 1567
How to use minoru? [8]
Ashira, Unfortunately that doesn't look like it is working. I can't tell if it is the reflections t...
3 years 12 1567
Saving images [4]
Annika, Thanks for the images. I noticed 2 issues in the robofile: 1. ...
5 years 4 1564
Saving images [2]
Annika, Its hard to say what is going wrong without the python application that you are using to do...
5 years 4 1564
Pick and Place [5]
Neilly, Based on the images that you attached, the object recognition module is probably not the wa...
6 years 4 1559
Fiducial Questions [6]
Rud, Sorry for not being clear, we don't need the images of the fiducial templates, what we need a...
5 years 9 1550
Fiducial Questions [4]
Rud, Could you include an image for both issues? I.e. when the size reads incorrectly and when the ...
5 years 9 1550
Fiducial Questions [9]
Rud, We see your images, but could you also post the raw images without any green outlining? The t...
5 years 9 1550
OCR problem [2]
JB, Thanks for the image. Attached to this is a robofile that almost works on the image you provide...
4 years 4 1544

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