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camera problem [3]
Sanesh, You probably want to use the Marker module to save the current image (for later reference) ...
6 years 2 1446
Md49 integration and linux [2]
Zippo, As mentioned via email, a test MD49 controller is now present and worth testing. Also for th...
5 years 2 1443
Axis Camera FPS [3]
Probably a bit late for this years finals, but we've added in 66ms delay for next year in the latest version.
5 years 2 1442
Roborealm for counting [2]
Sure, attached is one way. If you have an actual image from your packing line that might be a better example.
4 years 5 1439
Roborealm for counting [5]
Darkhan, The attached works somewhat well on the image above. On your new image additional processi...
4 years 5 1439
Socket Server [5]
Wongfeirang, Do you notice that sometimes it switches the data and sometimes not? Or does it always...
3 years 15 1436
Socket Server [13]
Wongfeirang, Yes, that fix would have applied to the USB HID module too. I've checked for any delay...
3 years 15 1436
Socket Server [15]
We removed the changes we added when this was first identified as an issue. So the 2 second delay should be removed and back to ...
3 years 15 1436
Object Recognition App [3]
Daniel, First, what parts are you thinking of identifying. The OR module uses a couple different te...
5 years 2 1436
Socket Server [2]
Wongfeirang, Go ahead and download the latest version. We tested a couple other UDP tools and found...
3 years 15 1436
Socket Server [11]
Wongfeirang, Thanks for the screenshots. That helped direct us to the appropriate area. I had thoug...
3 years 15 1436
Socket Server [8]
We're having problems replicating your issue. If you try the following python script on another machine do you see the same beha...
3 years 15 1436
Socket Server [9]
Were you able to replicate our results? Did you find any additional configuration that could be done to the PIC ethernet module ...
3 years 15 1436
tracking ball- outputing positional data [3]
Lots of ways to do that. I'd start with the Write Variables module and see if that works for you. ...
5 years 2 1435
Arduino Controling Roborealm via serial. (not the other way around) [3]
This is certainly possible if you configure the DIO pins as an input. Using the arduino module you can monitor one or more pins ...
4 years 3 1430
Nubotics wheel commander Board [10]
Ok, the module has been updated with separate set and get variables which should help to simplify that interface. ...
5 years 15 1428
Nubotics wheel commander Board [7]
Please download the latest version. We've upgraded our WC to the latest firmware and found a couple problems which have been fi...
5 years 15 1428
Nubotics wheel commander Board [4]
Lizardboy, We've update the module to save the serial and baud information but have not yet had a ...
5 years 15 1428
Nubotics wheel commander Board [15]
The most recent version should have fixed the fps slowdown. This was due to a read/write timing issue rather than excessive band...
5 years 15 1428
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
6 years 2 1411

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