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API Execute Problem [7]
Rud, Thanks for the test files. That helped determine the issue. The p...
4 years 9 1244
API Execute Problem [9]
We added the 16:9 formats to the Mosaic module ... but you can also just type in the sizes too. The listed formats are just a sh...
4 years 9 1244
How to use minoru? [13]
Very nice! That's much more precise that what I thought you could get using that system. Well done!
2 years 12 1243
How to use minoru? [2]
Ashira, As I just mentioned in ...
2 years 12 1243
How to use minoru? [8]
Ashira, Unfortunately that doesn't look like it is working. I can't tell if it is the reflections t...
2 years 12 1243
How to use minoru? [6]
Can you press the Save button and type in something.jpg and post that image here? I need the raw images and its very important t...
2 years 12 1243
How to use minoru? [10]
senz3d would be better than stereo. Most projective systems are better than stereo which will suffer from lack of texture. Keep ...
2 years 12 1243
variable control feature [2]
Dawson, Yes, this is possible. Use a [variable] in the Call module and assign the tab name to that ...
4 years 3 1243
How to use minoru? [4]
Ashira, Can you upload just the two raw unmodified images? We don't need the GUI ... just the actua...
2 years 12 1243
modbus TCP/IP slave problem [2]
Hoejin, Does your PLC support ethernet? That's what the module assumes.
4 years 3 1239
xy table [2]
Bill, What you are describing is a common usage of machine vision. (Part Quality Control). There ar...
2 years 5 1238
xy table [4]
Bill, The software can output this information in many ways. As you would expect, the software is s...
2 years 5 1238
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
5 years 2 1236
No RGB-data with Kinect [2]
Guenter, Go ahead and download the latest RR version and the RGB issue using the Microsoft_Kinect m...
3 years 3 1235
Md49 integration and linux [2]
Zippo, As mentioned via email, a test MD49 controller is now present and worth testing. Also for th...
4 years 2 1228
Pausing [2]
I assume that based on your other post that you may have what you need. The trick is that you canno...
4 years 4 1223
Bug in call module [3]
Dawson, This has been fixed in the latest version. The problem was that the second tab was using an...
4 years 4 1219
Detecting feature [3]
Roland, Yes, you can use the black part as an anchor and then detect the light level of the screw r...
4 years 3 1217
tracking ball- outputing positional data [3]
Lots of ways to do that. I'd start with the Write Variables module and see if that works for you. ...
4 years 2 1210
write 2 video at the same time [4]
Attached. Note this uses the OpenNI2 module but the technique is the same for the others.
4 years 4 1207

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